Our Travel House

Our Travel House

Saturday, December 29, 2012

12-28-12 Sea Isle Resort project

The park top dressed the driveways today..lookin' good.
   Later in  the evening we had a Blue Claw Crab Boil and fresh watermellon...YUMMY !! Partied til late..Now that WAS a Happy Hour (s)...Movin' a little slow this morning. 

Wednesday, December 26, 2012


We both got a good night's sleep. Can't figure out if it was the heavy  dinner  or the heavy late night snacks, whatever it was found us up at 7AM and watching a fantastic sunrise out our window.
   I noticed people were out & about, coffee in hand, so of course i grabbed my mug and joined in..and so the day went..
   We collectively fixed a tire, finished the cleanup of last nights party and shared Christmas stories. Ran to the store after planning a fish fry for tomorrow..MMMMMM--here we go again!! LOL
   All these diversions !! WHEN am I ever gonna go fishing??? The people on the bridge have been getting fish, the folks in the boats are getting fish, I gotta focus on a plan....SOON !!
   Before we knew it, Happy Hour was upon us again! Not wanting to break with tradition out came the chairs, set up in the shade and we were off & runnin'..as usual, late dinner and finally settled in..
   I wonder how many tons of wrapping paper will be buried in land fills this week..
   Be good, prepare for the New Year. ( I wonder if any prophets have a plan for the earth's demise next year??)

Had a great day and caught a pretty sunset so I thought I'd add it to todays blog to wrap up the night.

Tuesday, December 25, 2012


Had a great day on the Island. The weather was wonderful. Had a very nice Christmas get together dinner. We were nice and busy since 9AM. Visits to & by everyone.

Here's some pictures of the day--



Monday, December 24, 2012

Pre Christmas island thoughts-CAMP #16

WOW, it's been 2 weeks on the island already ! So glad to be back. We've seen several friends we met last year and have reaquainted ourselves at several old haunts. The weather has been great with only 1 night of showers. Cooler mornings but warm again by 10AM. NO LONG JOHNS required!! (that's a good thing)
   We have the rig snuggled into a very comfortable spot. Can see the rising sun out the windows. Beautiful sunsets most every night. The "group" has had a few cookouts and we smoked some ham and corned beef too! Gotta watch myself, cause "over the lips goes on the hips"! Been making plans to set up some crab traps and get some fishing in but so far all talk, no action !! As the OFM blog says "Having tooooo much fun" so far.
   We've wandered down the street to The Olde Fish House eatery & outdoor afternoon music. Heard some great music for hours and hours. They even had a customer appreciation party and gave out gifts. Everyone in the park is planning a Christmas dinner get together. The gals are coordinateing it so everyone will prepare some kinda treat. I better start fasting now..(or get a bigger belt!)
  I bet the Holidays go by quickly and before ya know it 2013 will be in full swing.
   WE HOPE ALL OF YOU HAVE A HOLY, SAFE AND FUN CHRISTMAS. Hug your kids and say a special prayer for the families in Newtown..

Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Trippin' to The Highlands

Solved some of the hitchitch today with a road trip. Our friends, Jerry & Kathy, felt like a ride today and asked if we'd like to go. A 1/2 hr trip to Florida's beautiful Highlands Hammock State Park was in order.
   It was kinda overcast and rain was forcast but that didn't deter this tough bunch. After all, we're from Michigan and no black ice was called for and it was in the 70's. ( I don't think even black ice woulda stopped us either )

   We toured the CCC museum first.Because it was cloudy we took the 1 hour tram ride thru the park. The Ranger guide narrated and gave an excellant description of animals and fauna being seen.He was very careful while getting out of the tow truck as gators were all around.

We all enjoyed a day out. Had to eat so while we were right by the park's restaurant we had a bite. It was getting more overcast so we decided not to walk the swamp boardwalk. Another day may be planned. Sorry the pictures have a blur, I didn't notice the dirty lense til we got back.
   Hope the gators don't give ya nightmares...LOL
Just another day of fun. REMEMBER, LIVE YOUR DREAMS AS TIME GOES BY QUICKLY..Charlie & Heather.

Monday, December 10, 2012


People have asked us what it's like to travel all around the USA in a motorhome. Not only what but " how " is a connected question. Simple things that are taken for granted when ya live in a stix & bricks take a little more forthought. Today's blog will talk about "DOING THE LAUNDRY".
   "Honey, the laundry is getting full." Dreadful words! We don't have a washer & dryer onboard. Where are we at? See what I mean?
   So the question is thrown out to our camper neighbors and "someone" knows where a local laundromat is located, hopefully not too far away. Of course ya gotta know if it's clean and maintained. Some of them we've seen are a pit so we always have 1 or 2 alternatives planned. So, load it up, check the soap supplies, pack up last minute items like kitched towels, PJ's, etc. and off we are. We avoid weekends cause the Mon thru Fri workers are packing them on Sat & Sun. We don't tow a car so ya gotta disconnect everything and drive the rig. Of course ya can't always just park in the lot all the time so a little planning is required and usually we have asked about that too!
   If we get lucky enough to get parked and have enough empty and working machines we load 'em up, add soap and enough quarters to sink a ship and note the time. Sometimes we stick around and sometimes we go shopping or internetting or find a pub. Usually about 45 minutes then back to transfer to the dryers. Now it's going to take 45 to 60 minutes to get everything dry so we goof off again.( SO VERY TUFF).
   If we pay attention we get back in time ( pub stops can alter the plan) and fold and restock. OMG slaved over the laundry again !!! A whole 2 hrs of our valuable time wasted away..LOL (it used to take a lot longer with only a washer & dryer at home)
We meet a lot of fellow travelers in the laundromat. Get ideas from them about things to see and places to go. 
  There's always the inevitable questions when we return to a park. Where ya been, what'd ya do, we thought ya left, blah,blah,blah !!
   If we use our heads we double duty the trip with grocery shopping, beer & booze store, cigarette run and maybe a tour of the town to orientate. We've seen some interesting stuff while on a "laundry run".
  So that explains a bit on how one little aspect of our lifestyle gets done. 
   Hope your life is as much fun as our's is.

Sunday, December 9, 2012

Gettin' back in the groove Camp #15

It's amazing what a couple good night's sleep can do to recharge your batteries. Quiet nights and great stargazing and good company. AHHH what a relaxing spot Pioneer Park can be !
   Been spending the daylight just puttering and yakking. Did cook out both nights and saw a sign on the office door with a number to call for firewood. Gotta have our bonfires ya know. We thought about hitting a laundromat but decided to wait til Monday so we wouldn't have to compete with the working world folks. The laundromats here in Florida sometimes are located outside, which to a Michigander is downright strange. My buddy, Jerry, ran to Walmarts and took me. Because this is a citrus farm area, there were a lot of Mexican ppl, and I noticed how Wally had a different setup than other stores. The displays had a lot of bright colors. Red, orange, green seemed to be the "eyecatchers" ! Heard a lot of Spanish being used by customers and cashiers. It's funny how the different regions of the USA cater to it's locals. Reminded me of the hype back home during Tip-Up-Town and other local festivals.
   We'll probably spend tomorrow running around shopping and laundring. The stores here, of course, like at home, are packed with Christmas shoppers. I really don't like spending any more time in them than necessary.
   Met a few ppl in the park and everyone seems to be nice. The park had a rather large gathering from the local churches and they had a mini parade this morning that we watched with coffee in hand. Since it was Mexican  themed there were a lot of kids dressed in Mexican garb. Very pretty and the music coming from the grandstand area was enjoyable to hear. Seemed like a very happy group.
 Heather and Kathy have been quite content to go for hikes & sit under the awning and work on their craft hobbies and Jerry and I decided to putter on stuff. He & I were really getting hot so we doffed the shirts and wore our shorts. ( I really think we heard a couple wolf whistles from afar :)  )  That's something we wouldn't be doing at home !
It was 80F today and very humid due to last night showers.
   Hope ya'll are veggin right along with us !

Saturday, December 8, 2012

Camp #15 Pioneer Park

   7:30 AM & well rested. Got a good night's sleep, 1st time in 4 days.The road noise at the repair shop apparently was disturbing us. We left the shop at 1415 and drove to Zolfo Springs and met up with our friends, Jerry & Kathy. Hugs, handshakes and gibby babbed til 2200 and called it a night. It didn't take long to conk out.
   The engine ran a lot cooler after the radiator repair. We had new hoses, belts and thermostat installed too. The radiator had an oil cooler and transmission cooler in it. The cost of rebuilding it was pricey but should be in service for the life of this coach. Got 28 years from the original. Total bill was $1350. About the same as a payment on a new motorhome.
   I highly recommend "HAROLDS REPAIR' in Spring Hills Florida. Very professional and polite. They did a great job and I don't find that too often anymore. Highly experienced mechanics and have been there for 34 years. Like one of the people that recommended them to us said " His mom trusts them"!! Just look for the 3 story dinosaur !! LOL
   We'll have to play catchup on domestics today. Laundry and shopping, etc.. Couldn't get much done while we were captured at the repair place. I have to  check in at the park office as they were closed when we pulled in last evening.We'll be here for a week.
   Our friends have seen a gator about 8 ft long in the pond here. We mentioned this place to them last year and they've found out, like we did, just how nice this county owned park is. Got a little zoo and a museum attached and is close to all the necessities.
   I didn't even completely hook up last night. Just plugged the power in. Gotta finish setting up this morning. Guess I better get busy.
Have a great weekend. REMEMBER, LIVE YOUR DREAMS AS TIME GOES BY QUICKLY..Charlie & Heather

Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Boring-Camp #14 Spring Hill Florida

Harold's Repairs in Spring Hill, Florida

Ya'll know we drive older motorhomes. (at the present a 1984 Titan by Champion) You might call them dinosaurs. So here we are with our dinosour at a repair shop that has an unusual motiff. A DINOSOUR !! LOL !! We're on the far left  on a hoist.
   Harold's Repair Shop has a great reputation in the area. Our radiator is very big since we have the powerful 454 engine and it has built in oil & transmission coolers. It's one of the greatest radiators ever built with it's multifunction purposes. BUT--- VERY PRICEY..if you can find a replacement.
   You know me !! While Harold, the owner of this place for 45 years, was looking for a radiator, I was internetting for one. I found some in various places all over the USA in the neighborhood of $800 to $ 1200..OOWWWW!!.I even found one in California that was chromed! $2400..(if I could...)
So Harold had an old friend that rebuilds these monsters. He has quoted $625 so we went with that but....not til Friday. So---we're gonna call this Camp #14 and Harold has been great..we've got electric and water and a place to dump the tanks and a nice pub across the street,,GOOD TO GO..we definately has time & patience!! Part of fulltimeing I guess. Surely won't be the last time for a breakdown. At least we're secure!
   Our across the street pub has $1 drafts in a large shuster. & COLD ! Happy Hour runs from10AM to  6PM !! You can get in a lot of trouble with those hours !!The crowd is fun and the employees are great. Music the way I like it--danceable & LOUD ! We feel very comfortable there !
   We've had Harold and employees offer us a ride to anywhere we need to go..nice touch..excellant hospitality..
  So---enjoy your week and REMEMBER..LIVE YOUR DREAMS AS TIME GOES BY QUICKLY.. Charlie & Heather.

Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Lucky Breakdown Spring Hill Florida 12-4-12 CAMP 13 1/2

4 years of travel and finally our " no breakdown" luck has crashed !! Of course it hasn't been a terrible piece of (good-bad) luck as we weren't stranded. Stopped for gas and noticed some green antifreeze fluid dripping on the ground,OH-OH ! This isn't good. I slipped underneath and looked at all the obvious spots and didn't see a thing. Our chassis is a P30 Chevy and I'm very familiar with it. There aren't too many problems I can't fix but this is one.. I guessed it might be a lower radiator hose but it's buried behind a lot of stuff so it was time to search out a repair facility.( I hate doing that!!) We were at a HESS gas station and I asked the cashier where there was a truck repair place..DDUUUHHHH!!!...luckily there were several customers of the male persuasion there and almost unanimously suggested "HAROLDS", just a mile North of us. One of them said his mom trusted them..OOkkaayy! Good enough for mom, good enough for me!! Down the street we went after calling them to be sure they worked on P30's.

   We pulled up th a place that is a "HUGE DINOSAUR" !!! Been here for years...ya--right !! Met "HAROLD"..been here for years too! NO PROBLEM..WE"LL GET RIGHT ON IT !! And by God they did !! Had a radiator blowout on our young 28 year old rig..Imagine that ! All the connections (oil cooler, trans cooler, air conditioner cooler,etc) were disconnected and all the hoses and belts were replaced and about 4PM the radiator replacement was delivered......WRONG PART..HHMMM..
   Long story short--camping here tonite..across the street from a PUB (grin)...got AC hookup..okay for the night..Thank you LORD for the (good-bad) luck. Hopefully the right part arrives in the A.M. and we can get on our way. (or we might have to go across the street again).
   Hope ya'll have a good a day as we have---REMEMBER, LIVE YOU DREAMS AS TIME GOES BY QUICKLY.Charlie & Heather.

Friday, November 23, 2012

Letting your meatloaf..Mississippi

Spent some time today daydreaming about what to write about in tonite's blog. I then decided to write about just loafing around. Yeah, we do that once in awhile! Started out this morning coaxing the fire back to life and listening to the birds and squirrels letting us know this is their turf. The camp's ponds are filled with geese and they're fun to watch & listen to as they establish a pecking order. ( or is the chickens ?? )
  We managed to get a few things done over the last few days besides celebrating Thanksgiving. Replaced the foam insert in the couch seat which was a project in time. Spent the last few weeks chasing around this rural area locating and buying the foam and tools ( hog rings and hog ring pliers) & support platform wood. The old foam was plumb wore out. Now we have a nice plop for our bottoms. It's really comfortable for napping too, as we bought "loaded" (waterproof) foam 4" thick. Hog rings are used to attach the upholstery to the frame after it's stretched. We also managed to powerwash our picnic table and the rig. Had to scrub the rig with our "superbrush" as it has been down a few dirty roads. Nice and shiny now.
   Paid up for 4 more days as we plan on "moving on down the road" next Tuesday morning. We'll probably be in the Florida panhandle by Tuesday afternoon. Haven't planned a route or destination yet but it'll be around 200 miles. If we depart at our standard 10AM time we should be recamped  by 2 or 3 PM.
   I bet the camp staff will be glad to say goodbye to us. Kept 'em busy with firewood deliveries :)
  Talked to our friend Carl in Matlacha, FL and found out the new drawbridge is officially open. Told him we're aiming at about December 15th for arrival.Sure looking forward to oceanside.
  Did any of you join in the Black Friday madness ?
  Hope your changeover from Thanksgiving to Christmas plans go smoothly. Just REMEMBER..LIVE YOUR DREAMS AS TIME GOES BY QUICKLY..Charlie & Heather.

Wednesday, November 21, 2012


   This will be our first year of celebrating the Holidays as full timers. It's not the first time away for the holidays. However, it gives us time to reflect on our blessings, especially to be able to do what we do. I've been thinking that we won't be doing large family gatherings at "our house" for at least a few years. It's not that we couldn't put a gathering together but not having a home (stix & bricks) seems rather "different".
   We feel like other fulltime folks. We've got freedom from the "everyday" lifestyle. We're able to "move" in a matter of a few minutes now instead of months. No longer encumbered with "stuff". Home is where our ignition key is. (Can you imagine ?)
  Our neighbors are forever changeing and are constantly being renewed. Meeting up with folks that are well retired, some have travelled for years and some just starting out. The diversity of personalities is amazing! The "hometowns"are from all over the planet, not just from the USA. Just this week we met people from Canada, Alaska, and some Dutch people who were touring the USA in motorhomes. How cool is that?
   All of our gypsy society celebrate the holidays just like back home. The get togethers are fun and the foods are diversified. We just had a Thanksgiving celebration and the friendships and food were terrific. Add to that the warm weather and sun down here in Mississippi and it's enjoyable. Got to sit out at the bonfire til late too.
   Hope everyone has a Great Thanksgiving. We'll be here for another week (?) I think. Jello plans, ya know!!
Be safe...be happy..REMEMBER..LIVE YOUR DREAMS AS TIME GOES BY QUICKLY..Charlie & Heather.

Monday, November 19, 2012

We are VEGGIN' !! Finally recuperating from the Thanksgiving Day feast. Everyone in the Camp and all the Maintenance guys sat down to dinner and Music was provided by "JERRY THE DJ". Saw a lot of smiles and later on listened to the "GEEZERS" talk about full bellies. We fasted for a couple days so we were able to belly up to the tables. It wasn't too long after cleanup when we "napped". Reminded me of the old folks when I was a kid. HEAVENS--I'm becoming one of them !!  (grin)

   Heather decided to go rowing the boat by herself the other day but I snuck up on her with the camera !
  We had the smoker detail and we set up the DJ gear. Everyone brought a bowl to pass and the variety of food was delicious. One of the fun things about camping.
   We've met people from all over the country. Most are snowbirding and some are fulltimers.
   We'll probably be here another week. Making plans on another casino sidetrip. (fun fun fun !!)
   Hope every one of you has a fabulous Thanksgiving. REMEMBER..LIVE YOUR DREAMS AS TIME GOES BY QUICKLY...Charlie & Heather 

Thursday, November 15, 2012

Tick-tock goes the November clock Camp 10 & 10 1/2

Kinda hard to believe it's almost mid-November. I check the Michigan weather report every morning and it chills me. Kinda hard to relate to the 30's when you've missed 3 winters. I now know why so many folks are snowbirds.It's not that there aren't any chilly nights down here in Mississippi but comparatively it's nothing. We might have the furnace kick on about 5AM for a few minutes but that's about it.
   The folks here are buzzing about the Thanksgiving dinner that the park owners put on. We were here a few years ago for it and it was great. Gonna have the party on Saturday. I suppose it'll be as good as always. I may even fire up the DJ show and see if I can entertain these folks.
   You may wonder why I titled this post as I did. It's because we slipped over to Bay St Louis, Ms to the Hollywood Casino full service RV park (Camp # 10 1/2). Had to do some laundry and of course while there we tried our luck at tha casino. Didn't win or lose much but had a couple hours of "commercial free" fun. We played til almost midnight.  
   We're heading back to Magic River this morning so I better get to the headin' on out stuff.
  Hope everyone has a good week. REMEMBER..LIVE YOUR DREAMS AS TIME GOES BY QUICKLY..Charlie & Heather.

Monday, November 5, 2012

Same Camp--different day

It only seems like a few days ago I was waiting for November to roll around. WOW..is time flying while we're having fun !
  We've been enjoying the nice weather here in SW Mississippi, especially when the morning news reading tells me it's only in the low 30's back in Michigan..BBRRRRR!!!
   Magic River Campground, where we're at, has a community firepit complete with a rather large pile of wood supplied for all to use & we've been doin' our best to put a dent in it.. Usually have the fire flaring by 10AM and keep it going till 11PM..Of course that mean lots of hot coals in the morning so we can start all over again. Just love bonfires.
   They've got a rowboat for everyone to use. You'd crack up at the paint job..Complete " JOHN DEERE ", logo and all ! I wonder if that means you can "harvest" a lot of fish ?? Gonna have to give it a try soon. Been noticing a lot of jumping bass on the big pond.
   Our friends, Jerry & Cathy, finished up their cruise and joined us today. Camped right next to us. (Heather guarded that site like a pit bull all week) We managed to get all this weeks arrivals spotted in other sites. All we did was explain to 'em how much nicer the other sites were..(grin)..
   We've managed to get a couple cook-outs this week. Why is it that food cooked outside tastes so much better??
  The weather forcast seems rather repititious..SUN-SUN-SUN and high 70's ...kinda boring, ehhh?
   The plan for tomorrow is to ask maintenence to get more wood and go feed fish. We may have to restock beer too. AAWWWW!
   Hope ya'll have a great week.

Sunday, October 28, 2012

10-28-12 Camp #10 Long Beach, Ms.

Pulled into Camp #10 at Longbeach, Ms Magic River CG 0n Fri 10-26..
   We've been here each year since we started our motorhome lifestyle. We always feel happy here. It's owned by the Family that started Passport America Travel Club. Now these folks know what you like. Clean, quiet,good hot showers and a community firepit area. There's always a huge pile of firewood. A big plus is it's a full hookup park too! Not too far away are shopping places, eateries and a great flea market. The ocean is only 3 miles South with a knockout white sand beach.
   Our good friends, Jerry and Cathy, are gonna join us in a week after their cruise. They've got their rig stashed just East of us for the week.
   We'll probably camp here for a few weeks. Good place to just veg. There's 2 huge ponds here and I bet we get some good fishing hours in. The last time we were here, Heather skunked me so I got some catching up to do :)
   Yesterday the weather took a hit due to the storm on the East coast. Got a little windy and the temps took about a 20 degree dive. Had to put a long sleeved shirt on. ( AWWWW)
  Starting to look at the maps so we can decide which route we'll take along the Gulf Coast enrt to South Florida. No rush on that though!
   Hope ya'll are comfy wherever you're at. REMEMBER, LIVE YOUR DREAMS AS TIME GOES BY QUICKLY....Charlie &  Heather

10/24/12 Wiggins,Ms Lake Away RV Park Camp #9

Been at Camp #9 in Wiggins, Ms since yesterday afternoon. Met up with our friends,Cathy & Jerry, for a 3 day layover. Got lucky to have side by side sites overlooking the Large Pond (lake??)
   The weather yesterday & today has been fabulous. We decided to fire up our smoker early and smoke some pork loin,steak and veggies. By 11AM the feast was cooking. 4 hours later we sat down to dinner. YUMMY !!
  I suddenly started a craving today--Ice Cream--guess we'll have to take a walk down the road to the little country store in the morning to see if I can fix the crave !!
   Hope everyone has a great day, REMEMBER, LIVE YOUR DREAMS AS TIME GOES BY QUICKLY... Charlie & Heather

Monday, October 22, 2012

Preparing for a move from Hattiesburg, Ms

One of the main differences of preparing for a travelling day while living this gypsy lifestyle vs going on a vacation is that it's more laid back. Being that there's no time factor involved it's easy to change your mind at any time. That's why we don't make reservations! Weather, wind or maybe just our mood for the day will affect our morning plans. Sure is different than the days which revolved around work and children committments.This is why all of the fulltimers say their plans are written in jello.
   In the morning we'll start the packup after coffee hour and take a liesurely drive just 35 miles South to Wiggins,MS to meet up with our friends, Jerry & Cathy, for a few days. It usually takes us about an hour or less to get ready to go. Dump, store the sat dish, power cord and water hose put away & secure the inside stuff. Heather & I have this down to a science. It'll be nice to see new territory.
   The next park is a Passsport America park at $10/day. That club saves us a fortune thruout the year.
    This park we're leaveing, Okatoma RV Park, is very comfortable and we highly recommend it. Just North of Hattiesburg, Ms. We've had fun feeding the ducks and I think they've gotten used to happy hour. Even had them eating out of our hands!
   Talk to y'all from the next Camp.  REMEMBER..LIVE YOUR DREAMS AS TIME GOES BY QUICKLY..Charlie & Heather

Saturday, October 20, 2012

From Camp#8 The First Three Weeks of Winter 2012

Well, after such a busy summer, we finally made themove out of the house Sept 28,2012..seemed strange pulling out of the yard knowing it'd be the last time we called it home. Now  we're homeless!
   Camp#1 Back Door Saloon for a couple days
   Camp#2 Our friend's, Jerry & Terra, place. 9 days..got a lotof incidentals done to the motorhome.
  Camp#3 Elkhart Indiana,Elkhart Campground. Toured MH/RV Hall of Fame Museum. Fun to see how people have travelled in the past.
   Camp#4 Redford,KY.Free Spirit Campground. Nestled in the trees.
   Camp#5 Paduca, KY..Got to see Josh & Jon at our RV Park.Victory RV Park
   Camp#6 Meeman-Shelby State Park in Kentucky
   Camp#7  Lefluer State Park in the City of Jackson, Mississippi. First time we've seen a State Park within city limits. Nice !!
   Camp#8 Okatoma RV Park North of Hattiesburg, Ms. Been here a few time before, one of our favorites.
  That'll catch up where we've been since Sept 28th..It's good to be in the warmth again. Temps down here are 70+day and 50 night. Now I'll quit worrying about the lack of longjohns! We got lucky weatherwise as we only had 1 day of wind and a few nights of rain all the way down here.
   Hope everyone is as ready for winter as we are!! REMEMBER, LIVE YOUR DREAMS AS TIME GOES BY QUICKLY! Charlie & Heather 

Friday, October 12, 2012

Camp#3 Elkhart Indiana, Elkhart Campground

Well, we've been in Elkhart 3 days now. We noticed our MPG enrt from home was lower than normal and the brakes didn't 'feel' right. I found the left rear wheel hub was running warm so upon further investigation discovered the Emergency brake cable to that wheel seemed pretty tight. Since we had to change the front part of the of the 4 piece cable sytem last week I guessed it was more of the same. It seems that the parts of the cable "in a shroud" have a rubber type coating on them and have failed, thereby binding their release. So we found a truck repair place, Hill Truck repair, and had an 8AM appt to get 'er fixed. Yesterday we ordered and picked up the parts at 7:30 AM today to save time. They were done with the repair at 10:30AM  and we're back on the road. Yesterday we toured the RV/MH Hall of Fame Museum. Great job by a lot of dedicated people to preserve a bit of history. Amazing how people camped over the last century.
    We are prepareing for travel tomorrow. I aired up all the MH and trailer tires. We checked all the lug nut tightness (Heather even tried her luck & muscles with the " BIG BOY " truck tire lug wrench---UGH- UGH ). H2O freshened. LP gas filled. Extra gear stored and secured. All we have to do in the morning is disconnect water, cable and electric and dump the tanks. We'll be good to go for several days. Hopeing to get thru most of Indiana tomorrow. Saturday traffic is usually lighter than weekdays as there are no school buses or commuter traffic and it's supposed to rain a little which will cut the traffic even more.
   Heard from our friends Jerry & Cathy in Mississippi. Gonna eventually meet up with them in Southern Mississippi. I see it's 78F down there :) !!
    Did I tell ya it "SLEETED" on us in Houghton Lake, Mi before we departed? How much more encouragement did we need to vamoos ??
   Hope ya'll have a great, happy and safe week! REMEMBER...LIVE YOUR DREAMS AS TIME GOES BY QUICKLY...Charlie & Heather

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Moods & emotions of takeoff day. 2012

After a great 10 days at Jerry & Terra's house, moochdocking, we had an unusually restful sleep and got our butts moving to meet up with a few friends for breakfast at 8:45AM by Terra at Dora's back Door Saloon in Houghton Lake, Mich..Thanx to all our friends for joining us !!
Had a tearfull goodbye by 10AM and got on the road headed to Elkhart,Indiana. The wind was very gusty and aggavated the hell out of me but we made it by 5PM. (Just in time for Happy Hour!! by the way!!)Had a few construction zones and took a few "stretch" breaks but overall not a bad travel day!!
   We are stopped at Elkhart Campground. It's a few dollars over our allowed budget but it's full hookups and very nice. Tomorrow we'll see the RV Hall of Fame that's been on the bucket list for awhile.This museum starts out with a Conestego Wagon (covered wagon) and progresses to our modern day RV's.You can see highlights of it if you look up "Elhart Indiana RV Hall of Fame".
I'm right back into my old habit of reading travel blogs for inspiration again. Most of them I get are from  http://www.hitchitch.com and I highly recommend this site for reading enjoyment and research if you're even tempted to follow the lifestyle or for retirement !!
    Hope ya'll have a safe & fun winter..REMEMBER..LIVE YOUR DREAMS AS TIME GOES BY QUICKLY! Charlie & Heather

Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Last night in Michigan?? 2012 CAMP #2

9:30 P.M.  CAMP #2 Gonna settle in very soon tonite. We've thoroughly enjoyed  "moochdocking" at our friend's house (Jerry & Terra) and got a lot of little left over prep projects done the last 10 days. Had a last minute repair as I noticed that our rear running lights weren't working this morning. After I spent a few hours trouble shooting them to no avail, my buddy Jerry dove into the problem and within an hour found the problem (broken splice joint) and had it repaired. YAHOO!!.How do things break themselves like that??
   Starting the day tomorrow with a "Terra made" breakfast at the Back Door Saloon with a few friends and get on the road immediately afterwards.
      Gonna try to drive straight thru to Elkhart, Ind. tomorrow,about 260mls. If we want to, we may stop sooner  
     It's gonna feel sad to leave but good to get going on this adventure. Should be some scenic driving out of Michigan as the fall colors are in their full glory. I guess a few freezeing nights will do that. Had a few 27F nights lately.
   We will probably post more often as we travel as we have in the past.
  Hope your winter is fun and healthy. REMEMBER, LiVE YOUR DREAMS AS TIME GOES BY QUICKLY..Charlie & Heather.

Saturday, September 29, 2012

Happy, Sad and tired ! CAMP #1 BDS

What a great time today at the "going away party". We had motorhomes all lined up and started moving at 8AM. Had the smoker fired up by 9AM. Everyone worked all day preparing a lot of food. My friends are sure great. Dora coordinated everything. McCarn Entertainment provided the music. We had most of our friends attend and it was a great day. My daughter, Shannon, & Will came all the way here from Lansing. I know everyone probably put on 5 pounds! Our friend, Kelly, watched over the smoker and about 40lbs of meats turned out perfectly! There was a lot of food and not very much was leftover. Our crowd likes to eat good food!
   It's not quite 10PM and we're done in so until next time REMEMBER, LIVE YOUR DREAMS AS TIME GOES BY QUICKLY...Charlie & Heather.

Friday, September 28, 2012

12 NOON- The adventure begins..Camp #1

Locked up the house and headed to Camp #1.. Where is it ? The Back Door Saloon..Our favorite socializing place..We planned on a 12 noon takeoff and we DID IT !!
    We've always wonder how many camps we stop at so this time we're gonna number them in the blog..oughta be interesting..follow us for awhile to see if we can keep it upbeat and interesting enough to coax you back from time to time.
    We're towing a trailer this time. Don't know if it'll be trouble or not but this year is different as we plan on establishing residency in Florida. Did a lot of research on this move and Florida won. Seems that they take better care of senior citizens. Sure packed a lot of stuff (How can any be left over after the summer purge????) and gonna get the trailer weighed before we leave our beautiful Houghton Lake, Mich..
   Our dear friend Dora is putting on a going away party on Sat 9/29 1 til 5 PM..some other friends are going to bring their entertainment gig and provide music/karaoke.. the food plan is great too!
    CAMP #1 is a great way to start a 3 year fulltimeing gig. We pray that we remain safe and thank God for all our wonderful memories and friends up here in Houghton Lake. It'll probably be a year and a half before we get around Michigan again. Planning on visiting the MidWest next summer. We've got friends and family and many outstanding places to vagabound to.
     Travel with us via the blog and REMEMBER, LIVE YOUR DREAMS AS TIME GOES BY QUICKLY..Charlie & Heather...luv ya'll.

Thursday, September 27, 2012

Only our toothbrushes left !! Houghton Lake,Mi

Made it to 5 o'clock somewhere with only minutes to spare! At 4:50 PM the last of the packing was completed. Had several interruptions today and I was getting frustrated watching the time fly by. Thought we'd be done by noon but....Oh well, at least the packing is "DONE". Showers in the house in the AM and pack the toothbrushes and hand over the keys. WHEWWW!! What a summer...
     If the "maybe" overloaded trailer turns out okay and we get a few tweaks to the motorhome done in the next week, we're all set for fulltiming !
     If anyone is curious enough to have questions about fulltiming just leave a comment. In the meantime..REMEMBER..LIVE YOUR DREAMS AS TIME GOES BY QUICKLY..Charlie & Heather

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Trailer needs a diet ??

Well, we have most of the stuff packed, I noticed the new 12' trailer wheels were getting pretty close to the fender. I checked the clearance with my hand and discovered the 2" long screws holding the clearance lights was almost touching the tires ! OH-OH ! After taking  measurements it was determined that the lights only need a 3/4" screw. HMMM..so I jacked the trailer up by the frame and changed out the screws. Much better,says I..now I'm having worries the we need more clearance and a weigh in..I really don't think we're overweight but will have it weighed anyways. Two ways of fixing the clearance come to mind. 1- move the fenders up, 2-lengthen the spring shackles ( I wonder if that would affect the towing/handling?)..the springs aren't anywhere near flat. The GVW is rated 3500#s..Time will tell. I'll get back to you on this!
     We plan on pulling out of here Friday morning and will be staying in the area for the Saturday party and then for a few days at our friend's place. Got a few maintenance items to do there. If all goes well I'm guessing the "jello" plan will let us be Southbound around Oct 4th. That's been the average takeoff date for 3 years now ! Just in time too..36F at night and the acorn are falling and the trees are changeing daily. GOODBYE winter, we don't love ya no more !!  LOL. 
     REMEMBER, LIVE YOUR DREAMS AS TIME GOES BY QUICKLY!! Love ya'll..Charlie & Heather 

Sunday, September 23, 2012

Last week in da house !

Getting real close to fulltimeing. The house is sounding echo-eeeee! Hasn't been this empty since the 1st day of getting the keys several years ago.. I hope we never accumulate that much "stuff" again ! I noticed that my notes that have littered the table for months are getting quite thin. Definately NOT missing that! We're going thru the same emotions that we've been reading about in other's blogs prior to their fulltimeing jump.  Next Saturday (29th) from 1 til 5 PM our friend Dora is throwing a going away party for us at The Back Door Saloon, Houghton Lake, Mich. Gonna smoke a bunch of meat and have music provided by our friends, McCarn Entertainment. Hope our followers will be there. REMEMBER, LIVE YOUR DREAMS AS TIME GOES BY QUICKLY. Charlie & Heather

Monday, September 17, 2012

Only a few weeks left in Houghton Lake, Mi

I was suprised when I went to check my reminder lists that I didn't have any lists left !. That's the first time all summer !.Of course now I'm concerned that something might be missing. I remember reading blogs a couple years ago thinking that all those fellow bloggers were making too much out of going fulltime ! Oh, how wrong I was..Ever since we got home last May, and decided to go fulltime RV'g, it's been busy, busy, busy!! Yard sales, moving sales, Craigslist ads, ebay, swap shop on our local radio station WUPS, donateing, giving away, etc,etc,etc..WHEEWWWWW! I hope we never accumulate that much stuff again, EVER! We have succumbed to buying a 12x 6 enclosed trailer to put our tools into,and it's quite full.  We'll use those to accomplish our workamper plans. Temps here at home are approaching 45F at night and serve as a reminder that the warm nights are over. Staying in the rig every night now and only have a smatttering of things to pack up now. Will move the coffee pot and TV in the next few days and will winterize the house in case it isn't occupied this winter. Hope all of you realize your dreams like we are doing..REMEMBER, LIVE YOUR DREAMS AS TIME GOES BY QUICKLY..Charlie & Heather

Friday, September 7, 2012

Going away party at Dora's " Back Door Saloon" Sept 29th

Our dear friend, Dora, is throwing a going away party at the Back Door Saloon in Houghtgon Lake, Mi on Sept 29th 2012 from 1 to 5PM..Music by McCarn Entertainment. We'll be firing up our smoker at 8AM, so if you have anything special you'd like smoked be sure to get it to us early..Be sure to follow the fulltime adventure here for the next 3 years. REMEMBER, LIVE YOUR DREAMS AS TIME GOES BY QUICKLY...Love ya'll.Charlie & Heather.

Thursday, August 30, 2012

5 more weeks

Maybe another week of donating..House is looking very bare..We're saying in the motorhome while we're clearing the house, mainly 'cause there's no place left to sleep in there..LOL..gonna try to put pictures of the new rig on here tonite.(finally).

Thursday, August 16, 2012

Trailers vs motorhomes

Had an interesting converation with a friend of ours regarding her making a changeover from a fifth wheel trailer to a Class C motorhome. She wondered how we like motorhomes vs trailers. My analogy is it's like having a boat on a trailer vs a boat in a marina.Which are you most likely to enjoy and use more?  Hop in a motorhome and go vs /hookup, arrive and unhook. Backing up a trailer is a pain too! I  read a lot of blogs and see the headaches trailering entails.
   Only 6 weeks til takeoff. FULLTIMING HERE WE COME!! Hope ya'll are enjoying 2012.

Saturday, July 21, 2012

Overwhelming!! How to fix it!!

Got a lot more "stuff" done this week. I even took to task a few jobs I've really been procrastinating over!! My "BIG" desk and file cabinet have been purged!!! Why did I keep all that stuff?? Managed to fill up quite a few large trash bags. Glad that's over with. We've probably put our garbageman in shock over the last few weeks!! I think the "selling" phase of this plan is coming to a close. Only a few more items left to sell. We're going into the " donate and give away like everyone else has gone thru" phase. Been reading about these moves for 4 years now on www.hitchitch.com . It's kinda inspirational, especially when ya feel overwhelmed.
   Got a lot of our entertainment center installed and up & running in the new rig this week. New radio/cd player, tv mounted, VCR connected, etc. CB checked out.
   Glad this new rig has a lot more storage space. Hope we don't overload it!
  The lighter side of the week involved our uncanny ability to be cat magnets. Got 2 stray cats coming around. Probably here to eat our birds! Been putting food out for them and hope to keep them full so they don't catch the new baby birds.  Neither of them wants anything to do with people. I wonder how long that'll last??
   There's only a few more things to prep on the new rig. I'll be glad when all this " busy" is done.
We're debating about selling the car. We might & then again we might not. If we do we'll buy another one once we get down South. I'd feel a lot better with "The Navigator" in the motorhome. I'm sure it would keep me from missing turns. LOL
   We should be able to get in a few shakedown cruises next month. It'd be nice to take a break.

Thursday, July 19, 2012

Every nook & cranny

Simplifying seems to be the trick to getting ready to fulltime. Spent the last few months emptying every nook and cranny and now starting to fill 'em up. (In the new motorhome) I'm kinda fanatical as far as keeping paperwork in my file cabinets and that was one of the hardest chores  I've had to get through. Filled a few large trash bags just from the files and office. I felt accomplished when done with that procrastinated job. We've purged our closets and dressers of a lot of clothes and treasures and either tossed them, given them away or prepared them for donation. Slowly we've been loading the new rig with the "stuff" we figure we'll need. Glad we had the last 3 years of experience to help guide the way. Our motto, " a place for everything and everything has a place" will mean even more for fulltimeing.
   These next few weeks will be filled with trips to donate stuff. Only a few more items to sell (glad that part is over) and as time to leave gets closer it'll get a lot less busy. We still want a few quick "shakedown" trips to see if everything is working. Got an appointment to get the generator tuned up. Even though it has low hours on it we still feel that is a good thing to do.
   Even though we have "Our plan", there is still a lot of trepidation in both our minds about this "BIG" decision to fulltime. It'll be very foreign to not have a stix & bricks. Confidence has been gained by reading a lot of fulltimers blogs to guide the way. Seems like all of them have had the same feelings at the beginning of their journey too. If you wonder what I'm saying check out  www.hitchitch.com  and you'll find some interesting travel blogs telling you all about us gypsies. LOL.
   We hope everyone of our blog followers is having as good a life as we are.

Wednesday, July 11, 2012


Aside from tinkering & puttering with the "new" motorhome, which only means getting things up to our standards, I must honestly say it's been a productive few months. Didn't like the wiring jobs that were done by some previous persons so I've been correcting a lot of their messes. I probably pulled about 200 ft of excess wire out and have labeled about 90% of the previously unmarked circiuts. Makes it a lot easier should any problems develope on the road. Installed a new modern radio/cd/Ipod ready noise machine and the speakers are awesome. Curiously I found a wire that had 6v on it????? Still haven't figured that one out ! So far I've fixed a few things that weren't working and most were due to dirty or broken wires or a bad ground. No brain busters. Probably the funniest trouble was pushing in the cigarette lighter and seeing both blinker dash lights coming on. HHMMMM!! Since I'm a retired electrician it's all fun..The refridge worked on gas but not electric. Found a broken wire stareing me in the face in the rear of the fridge, reconnected and "viola", it works. Replaced some faucet "O" rings and the shower faucet,due to minor leaks,  added a handheld shower head and all the water system is AOK..My buddy is gonna go over the brakes and suspension next week. He's the guy that helped prep the "Tioga" 3 years ago and you've all read about our excellent luck with her!!
   Since we got home in May we've had yard, moving and general sales. We've advertised on a local radio station "swap shop" and put ads in the local paper. Told all our friends what's for sale. Craigslist has been kept busy. Our kids have been notified about our plans and they've been given a chance to take what they want..Soooo. Now we're at a point where the rest of our "stuff" will be donated, given away or in a dumpster. There's only about 8 weeks left to "get outa Dodge". (where does time go??)
  We've found that the new rig has a lot more storage room in it.Kinda important when planning on fulltimeing. I'm figuring we'll still need a small enclosed trailer for tools and our Karaoke Business and for workamping. Lots of busy and time flies!
  Hope ya'all aren't bored by all these details but that's how our summer is rolling! I'm sure the blog will get more interesting once we're "On the road again".

Sunday, July 1, 2012

WOW !! Found a newer motorhome!!

In preperation to dump our stix & bricks, we were advertiseing some stuff on a local radio staion's swap shop and heard an ad about a motorhome, locally.We jumped in the car and took a ride to look at it.  Found a TLC'd 1988 Chevy powered "Titan". It's been garage kept and very well taken care of..the owner is a craftsman and has a lot of "special features" woodwork wise. It has 69K miles and a 454CI Chevy drivetrain..got a very good $$$$ price on it. We looked at each other and decided that this rig was calling our name so we bought it. The owner had just advertised it,  had 3 calls on it while were there!!.We got it home, cleaned it up according to our specs and started moving our stuff into it..We were suprised how much "stuff" got transferred!! Took hours!!..Been checking it out and doing a few modifications like adding racks to the closets. Sure is a lot more room in this new rig due to a few more feet in length. We gained a bedroom space too!. This "new" rig, to us, has new tires, brakes,exhaust and other features that showed pride of ownership. Only 69K miles and service records! I was happy to see it'd been used lately. The owner had a heart attack and his better half didn't want to drive a Class A so he bought a Class C, which she will drive. He definately loved this rig but had to make a decision to enable future travels. He told us,honestly, all about it's pros and cons and we decided we could handle the cons. which are all minor.  As you know, if you have followed our blog, we did quite a bit of heavy repairs on our last rig, the Tioga. So...to make a long story short, we've upgraded fron a 1982 to a 1988 motorhome..We're H-A-P-P-Y. that's all that counts (& WE PAID CASH---NO PAYMENTS !!) Now, the big challenge is to sell our beloved TIOGA. She gave us 3 trouble free years and is looking forward to a few more..We hope all our blog followers have as much fun with life as we do..REMEMBER--LIVE YOUR DREAMS AS LIFE GOES BY QUICKlY......Charlie & Heather

Sunday, June 24, 2012

Getting ready to "fulltime"

We've been reading other blogs for some time. Have always envied people that "fulltime" (No stix & Bricks). Last spring while on the way home we started discussing how much we enjoyed being vagabonds and how much more of the country there is to see. Since Michigan (our home base) has what seems like a 7 month long winter, we decided to make Florida our homebase and go travelling all summer. Kind of a reversal of our present lifestyle. It's a serious and scary thought to give up stix & bricks but a lot of people do it. We've decide to sell our beloved 24ft Tioga motorhome. We will get a wee bit bigger rig, probably 30 to 32 ft and probably travel with a car so we can tour a bit more economically. Those bigger rigs only get 8 to 10 MPG on a good day. We've been selling a lot of stuff this summer (where the heck did we get all this stuff?? LOL) . It's been keeping us busy ! After 1 of our moving sale weekends we were tallying up our sales one evening and came to the realization that we'd sold our couch AND bed.Hmmm, where shall we sleep?? Our large Coleman Air Mattress to the rescue. Kinda reminds ya every night that "We're really gonna do this"!! Of course we can always sleep in the motorhome too. (until it's sold) We are planning a travel weekend in a few weeks to check out several motorhomes we've seen on Craigslist. If our rig isn't sold by Oct we'll take it to Florida and pick up a different rig in Florida.(lots of good deals down there) Next spring, before hurricane season in FL, we will start heading to the midwest to "Live our dreams as time goes by quickly" ..we've got a lot of people to see out West.  I hope everyone enjoys our Rolling Earthquake Blog. Stick around as the adventure unfolds.

Saturday, May 5, 2012

5-5-12 Lansing Mi MSU Cottonwood Campground

Today's blog hasn't much to do with our normal travels ( did I just say "normal" about us ?)  We headed to Lansing Mi for my daughter's, Shannon, graduation. Boy, does 5 years go by quickly ! She  has been a social science student and along with 1400 students she walked ( the plank??)..I was suprised to find tears of joy flowing from me..You other parents out there know what I mean..I'm so proud of her determination and hard work..We  all went to lunch after the ceremony. I really like her boyfriend, Darrel, as he's always kind, polite, and considerate and thinking ahead.
  We make a stop in Mt Pleasant whenever we go to Lansing, time permitting, and stay at  the  campground of Soaring Eagle Casino. It's a great deal at $18 with elect & water. Nice woodsy setting and a shuttle bus to the casino..Stopped Southbound & got lucky and for a change walked away with some of their money to the tune of +$200..WOO-HOO !! Gonna stop on the way back home and try our luck again.
   Another fun stop in Lansing was Harbor Freight Tools. Bought a new air compressor. It's a great store to wander around in. (FOR GUYS mainly)..
  Gotta get back to selling stuff this week so we can get our fulltime adventure rolling..Gonna be a lot of work !
Hope all of you are enjoying the approach of summer. REMEMBER, LIVE YOUR DREAMS AS TIME GOES BY QUICKLY....Charlie & Heather

Thursday, May 3, 2012


We've been reading a lot of blogs for 3 years and now find ourselves in the same situation that other travelers have been in. Having made up our minds to go fulltime this coming October we are positioning our lives to do without a stix & bricks home. This requires a lot of selling and distribution of the wealth of "stuff" that's tucked into every nook and cranny of our place. It's an amazing load of things. Seems that, we too, like most folks, have had a philosophy " if there's a space, let's fill it", LOL.
We've listed quite a few ads on Craigslist and on our local radio stations Swap Shop. It's been amazing how busy this had made our lives. Kinda reminds me of W  O  R  K !  (that thing we used to do!) Got quite a storm going on this early morning. So bad it got me up at 4AM . Traveling today, heading to Lansing for the weekend to watch my daughter graduate from MSU. Gonna hit Mt Pleasant Casino enrt..You never know, might strike it rich!. Should be back Monday to continue the purge. It's supposed to rain for the next few days so we wouldn't get much done..Glad for the break too. We are looking forward to getting on the road again.. REMEMBER, LIVE YOUR DREAMS, AS LIFE GOES BY QUICKLY..Charlie & Heather

Sunday, April 29, 2012


We've been home about a month now and we're already itchin' to take off again..Gonna sell, sell, sell this summer. Looking for a bit bigger motorhome so we can fulltime for a couple of years. We've decided to make Florida our home base after researching the expenses. We think we can homebase in Florida and travel from there in the summer. Got kids in the mid-West to see in the summer. Been sticking ads on Craigslist and probably will contact an auctioneer to get rid of our stix & bricks stuff. (or get a dumpster)..Gonna donate a lot too!. The "PLAN" is to not have anything in Michigan to demand our attention..We have Plan#1,Plan#2 and Plan#3..depends on what's left after the selling spree..The whole month of April, in Michigan, has been rather chilly..totally sucks..We keep refering to Matlacha,FL weather and it's stayed in the 80's..wanna be there!!..Sure hope my daughter decides to move to Florida after graduation from MSU..that would be a +..WE MISS FLORIDA--can u tell ??

Friday, April 6, 2012

Mad Dash Home--End of winter--BOOOO!!

I know it's been awhile since we blogged..We moved rather quickly Northbound to skip the storms we saw coming and took advantage of a 4 day good weather window..Only planned on 200 mile moves thru our Northern Migration..Stopped at Suwanee CG, Fair Harbor CG ( Perry GA), Volunteer Park CG, Renfro Valley CG, and slowed down in Celina Ohio, Mercer County CG.. Saw the movie Hunger Games There..It was really good..( 6 moves X 200 miles) drifted up to Chipwa CG in Mt Pleasant by the Soaring Eagle casino..didn't win much but lost less..Got up at 7AM, went gambling and pulled outa town by 11AM..arrived home in Houghton Lake MI on Monday 4-2-12 about 2PM..Opened up the house and went to our local favorite pub, Back Door Saloon, and enjoyed the welcome home hugs...whoooo..busy, busy..but no bad weather driving..(been there, done that !!) We've been cleaning and polishing and washing ever since..really ready for a bonfire and kick back time..the water heater and kitchen sink needed some overhauls but outside of that all is well..We're seriously considering going fulltime motorhoming..lot's of planning needed to do this..There probably won't be a lot of blogs til we get the summer over with but I will blog if I get enough requests..Hope the weather gets warmer quicker..REMEMBER..LIVE YOUR DREAMS AS TIME GOES BY QUICKLY....Charlie & Heather

Monday, March 26, 2012

Perry Ga.....Fair Harbor RV Park

Just a quick blog tonite..Migrateing North..1 night stay in Perry Ga, Fair Harbor RV Park...nice clean park, FHU and cbl..drove a couple hundred miles today and was ready for happy hour when we got settled in..got a nice walk around the park and noticed a lot of Michigan license plates..the migration is definately on !!..had an early dinner and gonna call it a night so we can get another long drive in tomorrow..lots of songbirds here, very pleasureable sitting outside and hearing their songs..watched a squirrel across the street "stealing" pieces of a picnic table cover..sure was persistent til he got a few pieces !!..Filled up AM & PM today for about $3.94/g..OUCH..Hope everyone is enjoying the transitions of spring..we are..REMEMBER..LIVE YOUR DREAMS AS TIME GOES BY QUICKLY..Charlie & Heather

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Cedar Key FL

1 week stay at beautiful Cedar Key..very small RV Park but one of our favorites..they have a lot of little docks to fish from and watch gorgeous sunsets..lots of Michiganders here and most are about to migrate North just like us..it's nice to hear that Michigan is starting to warm up..we hope to scoot thru the Southern states and avoid any storms..got 1200+ miles to traverse and since we only do about 200 miles per day it'll be a week or more to get back..hopefully we won't see snow like we did last year on April 5th !!..We'll hold true to our 45F rule..if it goes below 45 we pause or head South..gonna be a bit more expensive this year as most gas prices are near $4/gal..it was $3.20/gal enrt South last fall..we usually budget $600 each way so 1200mls at 10MPG = 120gals x $4 = $480..still under budget !! ( our heat bill is usually $1500+ per winter at home )..we are travelling with Hooter Brown and so we stay entertained every day.. We find it hard to believe we've been on the road 6 months !!..Starting to daydream about bonfires and getting together with friends this summer..can't wait to see what kind of a mess we'll find in our yard from the winter, it usually takes a few weeks to clean it up..Keep checking in to follow our migration North...REMEMBER..LIVE YOUR DREAMS AS TIME GOES BY QUICKLY..Charlie & Heather

Thursday, March 15, 2012

Another Florida day--Homosassa

Had a Snowy Egret join us for dinner tonight..it was even eating out of our hands!! How Cool !! Manatees & dolphins cruise our RV Park docks in the morning..A neighbor gave us a freshly caught Brown Speckled Trout and it got skinned and flipped right into a pan for dinner last night..YUMMEE!!..The pub here has nightly specials which means we don't cook too much while here..Went shopping this morning so we're stocked up til the end of the week when we move up the coast..only 1 more Florida stop then we dash thru the Southern states to avoid the spring storms..Glad to see it's getting warmer up North..hope there;s no more Artic blasts as we'd hate to have to turn South again..OKAY Michigan..get ready for a fun summer!!REMEMBER..LIVE YOUR DREAMS AS TIME GOES BY QUICKLY..Charlie & Heather..

Monday, March 12, 2012

Bushnell & Homosassa FL

ZOOM-ZOOM..1 night stop in Bushnell and then one of our favorite parks in Homosassa..we'll spend a few days here and head further North if the weather looks good..got some friends that live a few miles from us and they may come down for a visit..gonna try some fishing here as we've been seeing fish in the water..already ran into some friends here..got up to 80F today and was very sunny..did some tube steaks on the grill so dinner was a snap..kinda a laid back day so not much to blog about..REMEMBER..LIVE YOUR DREAMS AS TIME GOES BY QUICKLY...Charlie & Heather

Thursday, March 8, 2012

Bradenton Florida

Got on the road at 12 noon and had a nice 1 1/2 hr drive up to Bradenton. Restocked the fridge and LP gas enroute. We'll be moochdocking in my daughter's backyard for a few days..After hello hugs we got a tour of her house and it's very nice. She just got done painting inside and out and it looks great. Bradenton has done a lot of growing since the last time I was here..I'm really tired tonite so I'm gonna keep this post short..Hope everyone sleeps well..REMEMBER...LIVE YOUR DREAMS AS TIME GOES BY QUICKLY...Charlie & Heather

Wednesday, February 29, 2012

gotta do a blog today...last one for 4 years !!

I'll only get one chance in 4 years to do a blog today...leap year blog 2-29-12...it's also that time to be VERY tired of political commercials..Our ragmuffin cat has allowed us to pet, handle & hold her (?)..the local gulls have taken a likeing to the 10AM feeding and are within 2' of us..we've got 1 more week of the island before we head to Bradenton,FL to see daughter Nicole..we'll hate to leave island time..we've walked down the road to the " Fish House " the last few days and listened to some great local music accompanied by some really cold beers..they have outdoor seating and you share the deck area with some seagulls waiting for a handout..did you know that seagulls have a "tooth" on their beaks that can snag ya?? It's amazing to watch them manuver a fish, of any size, to a heads down position and raise their beaks to swallow it whole ( they have to, to not choke)..been seeing a lot of mullets swimming under the drawbridge in schools of hundreds..we were on the drawbridge at sunset and observed some great "cloud pictures" enhanced by the pink of sunset, very relaxing..hope winter comes to a quick end for our Michigan friends who were pounded by a big snowstorm this week..REMEMBER..LIVE YOUR DREAMS AS TIME GOES BY QUICKLY.. Charlie & Heather

Thursday, February 23, 2012

Getting ready for the weekend on the Island (Matlacha)

Whenever I need some inspiration to write this blog I read other blogs from  www.hitchitch.com  I bet if you go there you'll be inspired too..we find ourselves faced with our typical weekend dillema---what are we gonna do ?? HMMM..so we talked with our neighbors and drank a few refreshments and gathered around and came up with THE PLAN !!! Buy supplies.. pray to the weather Gods for good weather..fill LP tanks and check the BBQ supplies..let's have a cook out Sunday...yeah,yeah, that's the ticket !!..Now, what to cook??..Smoke some corned beef brisket--maybe some pulled pork BBQ--deep fry some battered veggies and onion rings--some salad and pasta...and DRINKS ( haven't had any margaritas in a while) ..we have music and bongos and friendly people (have we forgotten anything??) I'm sure there will be munchies too !!..OK now, let's quit worrying about the weekend ( What? Me worry?? )
Our ragmuffin cat came around today and ate and actually is starting to socialize with us!! He/she let us pet on her a little..we also had the gulls almost eating out of our hands this morning..had a snowy egret return for the 2nd morning and is gobbling down hot dogs..one of the locals says don't feed egrets by hand cause they'll stab your hand with their sharp beaks....HMM..wonder if that's true???
Heather and I got a little fishing in and she skunked me 2 to 0..but I don't know if the "puffer" fish & catfish counts...LOL..(but I did feed a lot of bait !! )..Isn't this a terrible way to waste away a winter?? all I need to do is cut my foot on a pop top !! Hope all of you are as relaxed as we are..REMEMBER..LIVE YOUR DREAMS AS TIME GOES BY QUICKLY...Charlie & Heather