Our Travel House

Our Travel House

Sunday, August 9, 2015

8-6-15 Settleing in
Well, our housewarming party went very well. We had almost 100% of our invited friends show up and it was pretty laid back. Its was nice to see people intermingling and meeting new folks. Ms. Heather & I appreciated all the donated food and gifts and the words of encouragement, both personally and via the blog & e mail & socia media !! It's great to have great friends.
I've got ads posted locally and on Craigslist to sell the motorhome and tool trailer. Got a few calls on each but nothing solid yet. No hurry, no worry !!
The Florida summer weather seems to be tolerable although hot. It's been near 90F most days this past month but regular late afternoon showers do cool it off . Our central AC has been great. I wonder how much the electric bill will be …. time'l tell !
As is true with most moves, the “ where is this and where is that” seems to be slowing down thank goodness to Ms. Heather's great memory ! I haven't missed finding very much this week.
Mama Cat has settled in quite well including licking my feet and getting kicked off the bed a few times. I CAN”T STAND THAT !!! So she's moved over towards Ms Heather's side of the bed for survival !! ha ha ha ha !!!
We've met a few of our neighbors and so far so good.
Went to a “ celebration of life” memorial for one of our island friends. We were kinda surprised how many people we know from the island. Quite a few more than we realized. I suppose, after 5 years of snowbirding down here, that's inevitable ! There was quite a turnout at the church for Danny “Dog” Dobbins !!.
We decided to NOT get involved in the boat after all ! Wants & needs just don't require 125HP to go fishing a few days every month. Besides, fishing from the bridge and canal fronts is just as much fun. We already know several folks to go fishing with, so why take on the aggravation of boat ownership ?? ( A hole in the water into which you pour $$$$ ) .
A few years ago I sold all my good sound gear and since we're land based now I decided to “ go big “ again. Over the last few weeks I've reaquired some kick butt sound equipment again. Ms Heather and I fired up the karaoke stuff and have had a few close friends over to share some music ! Of course some libations were involved too ! It's fun to have a good sound system again ! Since our nearby neighbors are snowbirds and gone for the summer we haven't had anyone to irritate . I wonder how that will fly this winter ??
Fellow blogger, Billy Bob ( http://billybobsplace.blogspot.com/ ) , has had some bothersome medical problems. I hope he get's straightened up so's he can get on the road again. There, but for God, I could go !!
As I still read blogs, it makes me daydream of travelling. I wonder how much we'll miss that ???
Ms Heather has picked up her painting business again. Since June she's done a few jobs and now she's doing a complete interior job.
I'm building a wall hanging, home entertainment cabinet for the living room. I love the smell of wood ! This should put all our TV and sound stuff in one place. Did I ever tell you I love Lowes and Home Depot. Like a kid in a candy shop !!
Windows 10 has been installed on my laptop for a few days and so far so good..the install went seamlessly and it works a bit faster. The replacement browser for Explorer is called EDGE and works better. Still not as good as CHROME though !!
My buddy, Daniel, who lives just a few miles from us, has been over a few times and it's been nice to see him. He is a great musician and we have fun with a lot of music.

Charlie & Heather