Our Travel House

Our Travel House

Sunday, October 30, 2011

Cumberland Falls State Park KY

We've been camped for 3 days at Cumberland Falls State Park near Corbin Ky..It rained on & off for the 1st day and a half so we just enjoyed the peace & quiet. Met up with our friend, Billie, and he came out to camp with us for 2 days. Cooked up a pork roast stew and we all feasted..The sun came out full blast today so we went for a drive into Corbin and Billie went back to his daughters house. We got back to camp and have the sat tv hooked up to watch the Detroit Lions..(& they won, big time!!!) Cooked burgers outside and ate way too much..My daughter's birthday is tomorrow so I will call her and wish her a Happy Happy...the park is reflecting end of summer mode as there aren't many campers here..the people that are here are either headed home or heading south for the winter..we still have a few more days here and Tuesday we'll see Billie for lunch and say bye til he catches up with us again..Talked to 2 couples we know and chances are good that we'll all meet in Florida thru out the winter..there's another few people we know that live in Florida that we look forward to seeing too..Read about the snowstorm hitting the NE USA and wondered if it makes any of their snowbirds wish they'd left earlier..we were going straight south from here but we're thinking about going SW to Northern Mississippi and seeing that part of the country..HMMM, ya just never know...nice to be flexible like this..sunny and 60F forcast for the next 4 days so we should get some hikes in..been seeing a lot of horses in the park and trails for them too (better watch where we're walkin !!) Hope ya'll are happy..REMEMBER..LIVE YOUR DREAMS AS TIME GOES BY QUICKLY..Charlie&Heather

Thursday, October 27, 2011

Corbin, Ky..Cumberland Falls S.P.

Long driving day for only a planned 100+ mile day..we got on the road at 12 today and jogged to Bolling  Green to pick up beer..we won't give up our Happy Hour routine..Can you imagine, in this day and age, living in a dry county. and everyone goes on a 40 mile round trip buy any alchohol ? How archaic!! All ya gotta do is ask anyone where ya go for alcohol and you'll get specific directions..It's no wonder they lost the war down here..we pulled into Cumberland Falls State Park about 4PM and set up quickly. Not hooking up water tonight as the forecast says maybe freezing tonight..we have plenty of H2O onboard til morning..met some fellow campers from Vermont..quite an accent they have!! Should be here for a week or so..hope the drizzlies go away soon..had a leak over the stove this AM after an all night rain..gonna have to start parking on a slant when it rains to run the water off the roof..sounds like a summer repair job coming up..Hope y'all are snug and happy..REMEMBER..LIVE YOUR DREAMS AS TIME GOES BY QUICKLY..Charlie & Heather

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

10-25-11 Barren River State Park Resort , Lucas KY

Drove an incredibly beautiful 100 miles today..the Mountain roads in Kentucky are more fun than a rollercoaster..hang on that wheel and squeal..woooo-eeee..we are at Lucas KY, Barren River State Park Resort..in the woods again and I don't have to set up the sat dish cause there's not a chance in hell of getting a signal in these woods but..the ol' rabbit ears are getting 4 channels and that'll do..we're moved about 1/2 way to our destination, Corbin KY..gonna stay for 2 days..this park has nice hot showers and is relatively empty..as I said before, our microwave ( isn't that neccessary camp gear??) quit, so we picked up a new one at  Wally World today. It's a bit bigger than the last one so we had to shuffle stuff in that cabinet around to make it fit but it worked..had another muffler shop stop today as just as we pulled into Glasgow KY we heard the noise getting louder again..the guy at the shop said he installed a "spacer" that it needed and a new donut (whatever that is),so it's fixed again, we hope..I'm kinda enjoying this "senior" thing as we keep getting discounts at most parks..as long as they don't refer to me as the old guy I can accept it..LOL..I heard the weather people say the 4 letter word last night when they were reporting on Colorado...BBRRR..glad we're not there..we made some loose plans to meet our friends Jerry & Kathy in Florida this winter and hope we all can..had a good time with them at the last stop.. Hope everyone is safe and happy..REMEMBER..LIVE YOUR DREAMS AS TIME GOES BY QUICKLY..Charlie & Heather

Saturday, October 22, 2011

A little update McDaniels KY Satellite fixed

Even though we aren't heavy into TV, it is nice to have it working again..Had a local guy here to "tune the dish into a satellite" and he worked on it for 1 1/2 hrs ! So I don't fell bad about not getting it myself..This "new" turbo HD dish may be a problem..it uses 3 totally different satellites than the norm..had several other campers try to tell me and him that we weren't aiming correctly because Dish Network sat's have always had a SW (sat's 110,119) orientation but the HD sat's are in the SE.(sat's 72,77,61.5). No amount of explaining could convince them we were aiming correctly..it's a little touchier alignment than before but he got  it tuned in..after he left, even though we have it working, the busybodies were still saying it wouldn't work in that direction !! I sure hope we don't have to go thru this again or we may go back to the old sat's to simplify it..  On another note..we had a nice bonfire last night and the temp's were conducive to an extended happy hour..sleep was good and 6 AM came way too early :) This COE campground is very nice, lots of friendly people. We took a ride to 2 other COE camps in the area and they are nice too. Highly recommend them all..see ya all later..REMEMBER..LIVE YOUR DREAMS AS TIME GOES BY QUICKLY..Charlie & Heather

Thursday, October 20, 2011

McDaniels, KY COE

I normally don't do another blog this quickly..Just sitting here wondering if I'll sleep tonite..been one of those days..Heather tried to use the microwave and had a lighning show occur inside..I took off the case and didn't see anything broken so I tried it and had the same results..I guess the rolling earthquake has done it's job correctly..Luckily Wally World has a sale on a similar sized replacement for $70..will get it when we are near a store..Still stymied about dish tv but one of the neighbor campers has a local guy that said he'll be by tomorrow to fix it..couldn't find anyone at DISH customer service that could do anything senseable about it. Went into Leitchfield and filled LP Gas today..without the crazy Mich taxes it was 15% cheaper..and bought cigarettes, 2 cartons at 1/2 price without Mich taxes..so I guess ya might say some bad luck balanced with some good luck..drizzeled this morning and the sun poked out this afternoon so we started collecting firewood..hopeing to bonfire tomorrow night..been noticeing brown tobacco hanging in the barns and learned if it's black tobacco it's used for chew or snuff..I wonder if the tobacco farmers make their own cigarettes..we'll probably take a ride outside this dry county (how damned archaic) in pursuit of some beer..and go see the dam on the other end of McDaniels..isn't it terrible to have so many chores to do?? (grin)..we explored this park a little today and the other end of it has some great riverfront sites with a view..very pretty river called Rough River..hope that the approaching weekend is enjoyable for y'all..REMEMBER..LIVE YOUR DREAMS AS TIME GOES BY QUICKLY..Charlie & Heather

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

McDaniels Kentucky, Laurel Branch COE campground

Arrived yesterday at 3:33PM..first time we've stayed at a COE (Corps of Engineers) Campground. A 7 day stay is only $66.50, about $7 per day..Now, that's more to our liking, yessir ! Now we see why everyone in the full timing circle like these parks ! The setting here is great..lots of woods and spacious sites. Internet and phones work great. Went to a  local laundramat about a 1/4 ml from the park and got all our laundry done..first time since we left..couldn't get any more dirty clothes into the laundry bag.Tried to get L.P. gas at the suggested General Store but their tank was pulled 2 days ago...Been trying to get our Dish Network "new" HD turbo tv dish, which we just got before we departed, to work and after 3 hrs of attempts to catch a satellite I came to the conclusion that it wasn't gonna happen. Got the feeling that the LNB's are bad. Tried to get a service tech appointment, on the phone and internet, and that's like "impossible" so we'll wait til we go into Leitchfield tomorrow to see if we can find a Dishtv location with a service Dept, most are only in the sell, sell, sell world...gotta fill the LP gas tank in town 'cause it's getting cool during the night and we haven't topped off the LP tank since we left about 3 weeks ago. (& we're low on beer!!) Running outa heat (or beer) is NOT COOL!..or maybe I should say it is!!..Our friends, Jerry & Kathy, are here. Brought us some shaved corned beef this A.M.cause they had an excess of it..AAWWWW!!..Haven't had TV in 5 days and kinda going thru "commercials" withdrawal..LOL.. Our friend, "Billie", is patiently awaiting our arrival in Corbin,KY..looking forward to seeing him. The good news for today is the exhaust system on the motorhome is holding it's own..so far so good!..Gonna have our mail forwarded to us by Terra..we went over what's in it via phone today and it sounds like my "commercial" withdrawal will be fixed when we get it..if it wasn't for 3rd class mail I wouldn't be anybody :)..we found out that there's several COE parks in the immediate area..sounds like some neat touring coming up..there's a dam just around the corner so that'll be a must see...We caught a glimpse of the  Rough River today and it is pretty, as are the mountains and valleys here. Ya really gotta pay attention while driving in Ky. Kinda like a roller coaster effect..long ways down if you screw up..the locals cruise these roads at 55MPH and this yankee is nervous at 40MPH..no wonder Nascar drivers are mainly from down south..absolutely beautiful all over the area..Hope this night finds everyone in good spirits..REMEMBER..LIVE YOUR DREAMS AS TIME GOES BY QUICKLY..Charlie & Heather

Monday, October 17, 2011

Big Bone Lick State Park Union, KY

Mondays are so amazing ! By 9AM the CG was pretty empty, guess everyone had to work today. We had to run into Florence, Ky to get the exhaust pipe fixed (again). Seems that the right side "donut" connection to the exhaust manifold just likes to come loose every year. It was a fairly cheap fix. We'll have to wait and see if it lasts this time. Got some shopping done at Meijers..they are cheaper than Walmart and we see that every time we go to one. Tried another pet supply store for the elusive cat harness with no luck. You'll never guess where we had lunch ???  White Castle..YUMMM!! Got refreshments restocked (critical shopping) and gas for $3.69 mid grade..that's just about what we paid last spring on the way home. Had a nice visit yesterday with our Kentucky friends, the Hartman's..they cooked a great meal for us too.. Southern hospitality at it's best. The hills around us are a pleasure to tour around, the colors are just getting started around here unlike Michigan's 80% when we left a couple weeks ago. Gonna try and catch up with friends in a COE camp tomorrow. Surely do hope the weather stays nice for a driving day. Billy---if you're reading this..we'll be there within the week..Hope all our friends are safe and happy..REMEMBER..LIVE YOUR DREAMS AS TIME GOES BY QUICKLY !!   BYA..Charlie & Heather

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Wednesday Oct 12,2011 Lansing Mich

Our 2 day visit in Lansing Mich has been fun. Got a couple visits in with my daughter Shannon and her beau Darrel. Last night we had a casual dinner at a local pub. Called it early as she has school. at MSU, he has to work and we are headin' out. We are headed to Medina, Ohio for a night's stay at Mercier County Campground.. Rand McNally says it's a 184 mile trip so I'm figuring about a 3 1/2 hr drive. We should arrive just in time for happy hour due to great timeing..(grin) By the way, if you're ever in the Lansing area we recommend Cottonwood Campground. It's in Lansing and has a definate woodsy feel to it. I like it because they have "ice cream" in their store :) nice clean park ! Verizon works well and rabbit ears get several TV stations. We are on the hunt for a cat harness & leash. Gonna try to get the cat outside for walks this year. Been reading quite a few blogs where people have success doing this so we'll try it. During this past summer we installed a Vizeo 19" flat screen TV on a wall mount in the rig. It's a great improvement over the previous setup. The picture and sound are perfect and we don't have the hassle of secureing a TV for moving. It's going on 10AM so I better quit yakking and start prepareing for the move..see ya'all in a couple days..REMEMBER..LIVE YOUR DREAMS AS TIME GOES BY QUICKLY..Charlie & Heather

Sunday, October 9, 2011

Sunday 10-09-11 Croswell Michigan

We've been at my  friends' house, John & Kathleen,  in Croswell Mich for 2 days and have enjoyed the visit. Good gab, groceries and a breakfast put on by the Croswell Fire Dept. The weather has been perfect. We love it here. You can see deer in their front yard morning and night. Just a few minutes ago I stepped outside and a deer was 50' away from me and gave me that " You lookin' at me? " look, but didn't budge. John is getting ready to winterize the pool. Heather said she might jump in til we looked at the thermometer and it was 55F..I think she had a change in mind ! Can't say that I blame her cause I got the chills just thinking about it..BBBRRRR!! Then I remembered that she's done the Polar Bear Dip. Maybe she needed a hole in the ice to tempt her some more...We're gonna pack it up in the A.M. and drift towards Lansing , about a 2 1/2 hr drive, to visit Darrel and Shannon, my daughter. We'll only stay a couple days at Collingwood RV CG, and then start South. We have some friends that'll be at a COE ( Corps of Engineers ) camp in Kentucky that we'll try to hitch up with when we're in that area.

Thursday, October 6, 2011

10-06-11 Enroute..Mt Pleasant Mich

Yohoo !!! The  winter adventure began yesterday..We took our time winterizeing the house and packing the last items in the motorhome. Got out of Houghton Lake about 2PM. Pulled into Mt Pleasant Chippewa Campground by 3:30PM and got settled in and celebrated with a happy hour, then a geezer nap..gotta be prepared for the shuttle pickup to the casino up the street :)..Heather had the luck and me??? I don't wanna talk about it.(down $60)..got back to camp kinda late via a wobbly course..of course..Had a great sleep in and did some running around town..had to buy a new power cord for the computer as our crapped out and had a great lunch at Applebees..Back at camp we did a quality check on the beer stash (grin) and napped up again for another stab at the casino...tonite was my nite and not Heather's..I see a new computer on my list..(WOO-HOO!!)  Tomorrow we head East to the Thumb to visit some dear friends in Gagetown and Carsonville and Croswell for a few days..Hopeing to see a few long lost friends too..Gotta renew my American Legion membership in Croswell, a great little club. Some of the American Legion posts down South have Campgrounds and it pays to belong. Same thing with the Eagles organization..The colors of fall are just gorgeous at this Camp, we sat out at the picnic table this afternoon and enjoyed the beauty and the birds and the quiet, not too many people here, I think about 5 campers. The weather is perfect.  Hope you all are with us on the journey. REMEMBER..LIVE YOUR DREAMS AS TIME GOES BY QUICKLY..Charlie&Heather

Sunday, October 2, 2011

10-2-11 Sunday T minus 4

Our much anticipated take off date is only 4 days away. You'd think we'd be better well trained but the excitement is definately there again. Our minds are in high gear and most of the packing lists are done.
Monday we'll dump the house fridge and start the house shutdown and move into the motorhome that evening. Tuesday the water system will refresh the motorhome and then be winterized.  Wednesday is takeoff day..YEAH !  Our cat, Hooter, knows somethings up. I think I saw her packing a bag yesterday and she's hanging around the door with a silly grin on her face  ! She's been pranceing around the house a little light footed too.
    I wonder if other snowbirds go thru this emotion every year? You really don't realize how much work gets accomplished til you're on the road and have time to settle into a travel routine again.
   First stop is going to be Mt Pleasant Soaring Eagle Casino Campground as usual. Hope they've got lots of $$$$$ for us ( LOL) . The weather is supposed to get better and into the 70's which is good news. I'm glad to see that the gas prices came way down  and especially away from our hometown, Houghton Lake. Maybe that's a good omen !
   Are you ready for the winter adventure? We hope you'll follow along with our ramblings.