Our Travel House

Our Travel House

Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Camp#48 Three Flags RV Park, Black Hawk S.D.

  Sunday, July 28th the o6oo sun came shinin' in and we got up. Coffee hour was in full swing. Another reason we were up so early was it's movin' day again. Always a good reason to be geeked. Ya' never know what great adventure lies around the next bend in the road.
   We've found out by experience that Sundays are usually good travel days as the traffic is lighter, especially trucks. It also improves our luck getting into the next RV Park as most folks pull out early on Sunday. We very seldom make reservations and our luck has been good getting recamped on Sunday afternoon.
   All we had was a short jaunt 20ml down I-90. Hoping to get in a last visit with our friends, Dawn& Rob, in Rapid City before we start powerhouseing some eastbound miles next week.
  Very quickly we were recamped at Three Flags RV Park in Black Hawk, S.D.. for 4 days, this is a P.A. park (passport america) only $18/nite. FHU's (full hook ups). Nice roomy pull thru lots and manicured. With wi-fi.

Not bad ehh? Cable TV too.
 On  Monday, went for a road trip to Rapid City only 5 miles down I-90. Gassed up, shopped and back to camp.
  Got a plan to see our friends, Rob & Dawn, on the 1st, in the SW corner of Rapid City, S.D.. I think I found a boondocking spot just across the street from their house.

Thursday, July 25, 2013

Camp #47 No Name City RV Park (2ml S. of Sturgis)

  Pulled into No Name City RV Park just 2 miles South of Sturgis, S.D. last Sunday about noon. That was probably the shortest move we've ever done. The Sturgis RV Park had a 2 day limit for our Passport America discount so we moved. This RV Park has no limit so we'll be here for a week. The way we figure it is why pay $30+ per day ( $900/mo) when proper planning will get ya in a Park for $15 per day ( $450/mo).
  I thought it rather funny when I found this park on the P.A. campground site. "No Name City RV Park"---strange!! Now we've got FHU's ("Full Hookups", for those that don't camp) A swimming pool, Hot Tub. Nestled between the mountains.

  On Wednesday we took a road trip to replenish the fridge and tour the Sturgis Motorcycle Museum.
   The museum is really interesting to see. Plenty of really old bikes and a lot of readable history about the evolution of the industry.

Considering that over 450,000  bikers come to this Sturgis annual get together every year it's got a lot of people interested in how today's bikes got to where they're at! The town is filling up fast, lot's of bikes in the campgrounds already. The official dates are Aug 5th to 11th, which is still  about 12 days from now. Typical camping rates in a 75 mile radius are $150 to over $250 per night during the fest! OW !
   Been watching the weather and we're glad we're on this end of the country. Seems to be a lot of rain & flooding in the East. We've gotten a few evening and night showers and our hi temps have been in the 80's. That surely beats triple digits that a lot of folks are experienceing.Better quit gibby gabbing and figure out what time our pool/hottub dip is!
  Hope everyone is enjoying the reprieve from winter. The way I figure it is the snow flies in about 15 weeks. YUK.

Saturday, July 20, 2013

Deadwood to Sturgis..short move..Camp # 46

   Pulled outa Deadwood area and made the "long" 45 minute drive to Sturgis, S.D.. We were re-camped at Sturgis RV Park by noon. Only 2 blocks from the Sturgis downtown/uptown area. It's only 2 weeks 'til 450K bikers migrate here.
   We originally thought it'd be sweet to participate in The Black Hills motorcycle event but considering the "average" RV rates are around $150 to $250 per night, we opted out. It's still fun to see the town preparing for it though!
   We walked into town and had a few happy hours. Talking to some locals we learned that they "escape" the madness.  "If'n ya ain't workin' it ya leaves."
   The whole town is geared to "makin' $$$$". Shirt & stickers & jewelry & etc, etc,etc...Not our "cup a tea" at all. Beer by the can, now $2.50---Then $6.
   I did some research and if you need an RV Park within 75miles you're gonna pay for it, so tomorrow we'll move to "No Name City RV Park" which is only 2 miles S. of here, stay a week and then head East more than 75 miles.

   Been getting some late afternoon rains but plenty of hot weather thruout the day. Most of the parks we've been hitting are Passport America affiliated so our rates have been good. No such thing in the Sturgis area during the Bike Fest. A lot of people here rent their homes out for $1000+ per week. Reminds me of back in Houghton Lake, Mich during their Tip-Up-Town winter festival in January. Gotta make it while ya can!
     It really poured rain last night. We were in town and opted to take a cab home rather than get soaked. OH-OH!! Had a leak above Heathers bed. Hmmmm!!..thought we had that problem fixed. So in the morning I was "up on da roof" doin' some exploring and resealing. I used some of our very expensive "Durabound" sealing tape around some questionable spots, Sure hope that works. A "wet Heather is NOT a happy Heather" !! We just opened up the couch for the night to solve the problem. If that's the biggest problem we have we can live with it. (Although a bit soppy!)
   We hope everyone has as good a life as we are having!!

Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Mount Rushmore Tour

After a leisurely coffee hour(s) we headed out on a road trip to Mount Rushmore National Park about 1030hrs. It was only about an hour South of us and we had good traveling weather.
Turned out to be a good travel day both weatherwise and trafficwise.
  We found a great parking spot right away. It was obvious that Wednesday was the right day to be at Mt Rushmore.

We learned that this monument is to be considered a work of art as well as a great piece of National Pride.

Monday, July 15, 2013

CAMP #45, Fish&Fry CG, Deadwood,S.D.

  Left Sundance, WY. about 1000 on Friday 7/12 and travelled a few hours to Deadwood, South Dakota. Got checked into Fish & Fry C.G. about 1430. We're about 5 mls S. of Deadwood in the mountains again ! Had a few steep climbs and  a winding road thru the town of Deadwood. Considering the old age of the town it's amazing how the old timers were able to carve the roads out of the side of a mountain. Deadwood sits in a valley and the old buildings are quite a sight to see.

   This Campground is nestled in the mountain and has that "country" feel to it. Very eye appealing and it has a babbling brook winding it's way amongst the sites. The first thing Heather did was drag the picnic table near the brook so we can sit outside and hear the pleasant sounds of it. Thre's a fishing pond here, all fishing equipment is provided. You have to keep what you catch and they'll clean & cook them for you at a nominal fee per pound. I stood on the fishing dock yesterday and couldn't believe the numbers of fish I could see in the water. Pretty cool, huh ?? We'll be here for a week. Hopin' to get some touring in from here.
   Met some nice folks, Ron & Mary Joe, camped next to us. Shared a Happy Hour and campfire with them. they're livin' the good life too!
   Our friend Dawn lives a 1/2 hr from here in Rapid City. She drove here for a visit on Sunday. We took a ride to Deadwood and walked around. Wow, there's a lot of history there. Ate lunch and when we departed the restaurant we stumbled across a gunfight!! (just a re-enactment) . Main Street is jumpin' with lot's of sidewalk entertainment. Lots of people and kids. We heard 1 youngin' ask his folks if the guns were real, musta impressed him!! The old buildings have been turned into casino's. Don't believe we've ever seen so many in 1 place. A lot of people are dressed in 1800's style so it's visually entertaining.
   This sure is a great way to spend time.


Thursday, July 11, 2013

Camp #43 Sheridan,WY & Camp #44 Sundance, Wy.& Devil's Tower

   Busy, busy, busy !!
   Left Bozeman after a fun filled 2 weeks. Had an extremely enjoyable visit with son Scott and Machelle. Kinda sad to leave but time is aflyin'!!
   Made a stop at Peter D's CG in Sheridan, Wy for what we thought would be 2 days but at checkin they said they may only be able to accomodate us for 1 day due to reservations by a large group.  Spent some happy hour time at The Rails Bar, an old converted railroad station, very neat!

   As it turned out the owner of Peter D's CG apologetically refunded a day and said we could only have 1 night. Since we never make reservations we run into this every so often and it's no big deal as we always have alternate plans. Sooo..up the next morning and a 3 1/2  hour drive to Sundance, Wy, home of the Sundance Kid..not to mention Devil'sTower.
  Got checked into Mountainview CG about 1400hrs. These folks named this CG appropriately..WOW, what a view all around. I know I keep gushing about scenery out this way but how could you not!! Nice quiet CG, a bit hot in the afternoon but nothing the rig's AC can't handle. In the evening, after a slight cool down to 80F, we took a dip in the pool which is nice and warm (&wet...LOL) . Cooked some chicken and burgers on the grill and watched the stars fire up and tiny lights on the mountains appear like Christmas lights on a tree. AHH, peace!! Always suprised so many home are in the middle of nowhere.

   Took a road trip today to Devils Tower, lunch in the megopolis of Alladin,Wy at Cindy B's (recommended by our hosts), toured a 115 year old general store and saw The Vore Buffalo Jump site where the indians drove the bison over a cliff.
  Had to laugh at Alladin,Wy..population 15..every time a woman gets pregnant a guy leaves town!! Between the restaurant and the store they have 99% employment!! The 15th resident is a drunk!!

  Hope ya'll are having a great summer!

Saturday, July 6, 2013

Last night in Bozeman

   4th of July weekend has wound down. Tonight is our last night in Bozeman, Montana.
   Had fabulous 2 weeks here. Everything was fast and enjoyable, especially seeing my son, Scott and Machelle. His loan of his van made it especially easy to tour and run around. We stayed at his place a few times including last night and burnt some midnight oil. It's nice to watch hours fly by without noticeing.
  We all got together this evening  here at Sunrise RV Park and ordered a dinner delivery and turned in the van keys. Being a night before travel we wrapped it up at 8PM and hugged and said our goodbyes. I still find it hard to believe it's been 2 weeks!
   Spent a fews hours this weekend plotting our moves for the next week. Only gonna do a few 1 night stops til we get to Devil's Tower and may hit some BLM camps there.
   Short post today. A bit sad about leaveing :(

Tuesday, July 2, 2013


We've been soooo busy ! You can always tell when you're enjoying life when days fly by..
  Spent a weekend boondocking, with my son ,Scott and his gal Machelle, Southwest of Belgrade at a BLM site. Had a wide stream right by us and lots of people tubing it.

   We cooked outside everyday and enjoyed being buried in the mountains. No cell service, no wi-fi, no hookups! AHHHH, heavenly!
   We went back to Sunrise CG in Bozeman. On Monday we used Scott's van and did a day trip to Yellowstone National Park. It's 83 miles East & South of us to the North entrance to the park thru Gardiner.

  We were into Yellowstone Park at 10AM and stopped at several of the sights. Geothermal wonders abound and since it's 4th of July week the park is very well attended. We got lucky to find a decent parking spot at the Old Faithful site. Just a short walk and within a half hour she did her thing !! BEAUTIFUL !
  Old faithful is almost 56 miles from the entrance! The roads in the park wind their way thru the mountains and we ended up at 7600' elevation! Every bend in the road brought us to another mind boggling view! WOW !!
   We managed to see some Elk and Bison. Funny thing is the Elk were in town!
  We headed back to camp about 5PM and that was enough for 1 day. Back at camp by 7PM.
   As much as we have been enjoying the sites, the best part of this trip, for me, has been having the opportunity to visit  my son Scott.
On Tues he's having some minor surgery so we'll stick around and see how he does.
    Hope ya'll are enjoying life as much as we are!