Our Travel House

Our Travel House

Saturday, December 29, 2012

12-28-12 Sea Isle Resort project

The park top dressed the driveways today..lookin' good.
   Later in  the evening we had a Blue Claw Crab Boil and fresh watermellon...YUMMY !! Partied til late..Now that WAS a Happy Hour (s)...Movin' a little slow this morning. 

Wednesday, December 26, 2012


We both got a good night's sleep. Can't figure out if it was the heavy  dinner  or the heavy late night snacks, whatever it was found us up at 7AM and watching a fantastic sunrise out our window.
   I noticed people were out & about, coffee in hand, so of course i grabbed my mug and joined in..and so the day went..
   We collectively fixed a tire, finished the cleanup of last nights party and shared Christmas stories. Ran to the store after planning a fish fry for tomorrow..MMMMMM--here we go again!! LOL
   All these diversions !! WHEN am I ever gonna go fishing??? The people on the bridge have been getting fish, the folks in the boats are getting fish, I gotta focus on a plan....SOON !!
   Before we knew it, Happy Hour was upon us again! Not wanting to break with tradition out came the chairs, set up in the shade and we were off & runnin'..as usual, late dinner and finally settled in..
   I wonder how many tons of wrapping paper will be buried in land fills this week..
   Be good, prepare for the New Year. ( I wonder if any prophets have a plan for the earth's demise next year??)

Had a great day and caught a pretty sunset so I thought I'd add it to todays blog to wrap up the night.

Tuesday, December 25, 2012


Had a great day on the Island. The weather was wonderful. Had a very nice Christmas get together dinner. We were nice and busy since 9AM. Visits to & by everyone.

Here's some pictures of the day--



Monday, December 24, 2012

Pre Christmas island thoughts-CAMP #16

WOW, it's been 2 weeks on the island already ! So glad to be back. We've seen several friends we met last year and have reaquainted ourselves at several old haunts. The weather has been great with only 1 night of showers. Cooler mornings but warm again by 10AM. NO LONG JOHNS required!! (that's a good thing)
   We have the rig snuggled into a very comfortable spot. Can see the rising sun out the windows. Beautiful sunsets most every night. The "group" has had a few cookouts and we smoked some ham and corned beef too! Gotta watch myself, cause "over the lips goes on the hips"! Been making plans to set up some crab traps and get some fishing in but so far all talk, no action !! As the OFM blog says "Having tooooo much fun" so far.
   We've wandered down the street to The Olde Fish House eatery & outdoor afternoon music. Heard some great music for hours and hours. They even had a customer appreciation party and gave out gifts. Everyone in the park is planning a Christmas dinner get together. The gals are coordinateing it so everyone will prepare some kinda treat. I better start fasting now..(or get a bigger belt!)
  I bet the Holidays go by quickly and before ya know it 2013 will be in full swing.
   WE HOPE ALL OF YOU HAVE A HOLY, SAFE AND FUN CHRISTMAS. Hug your kids and say a special prayer for the families in Newtown..

Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Trippin' to The Highlands

Solved some of the hitchitch today with a road trip. Our friends, Jerry & Kathy, felt like a ride today and asked if we'd like to go. A 1/2 hr trip to Florida's beautiful Highlands Hammock State Park was in order.
   It was kinda overcast and rain was forcast but that didn't deter this tough bunch. After all, we're from Michigan and no black ice was called for and it was in the 70's. ( I don't think even black ice woulda stopped us either )

   We toured the CCC museum first.Because it was cloudy we took the 1 hour tram ride thru the park. The Ranger guide narrated and gave an excellant description of animals and fauna being seen.He was very careful while getting out of the tow truck as gators were all around.

We all enjoyed a day out. Had to eat so while we were right by the park's restaurant we had a bite. It was getting more overcast so we decided not to walk the swamp boardwalk. Another day may be planned. Sorry the pictures have a blur, I didn't notice the dirty lense til we got back.
   Hope the gators don't give ya nightmares...LOL
Just another day of fun. REMEMBER, LIVE YOUR DREAMS AS TIME GOES BY QUICKLY..Charlie & Heather.

Monday, December 10, 2012


People have asked us what it's like to travel all around the USA in a motorhome. Not only what but " how " is a connected question. Simple things that are taken for granted when ya live in a stix & bricks take a little more forthought. Today's blog will talk about "DOING THE LAUNDRY".
   "Honey, the laundry is getting full." Dreadful words! We don't have a washer & dryer onboard. Where are we at? See what I mean?
   So the question is thrown out to our camper neighbors and "someone" knows where a local laundromat is located, hopefully not too far away. Of course ya gotta know if it's clean and maintained. Some of them we've seen are a pit so we always have 1 or 2 alternatives planned. So, load it up, check the soap supplies, pack up last minute items like kitched towels, PJ's, etc. and off we are. We avoid weekends cause the Mon thru Fri workers are packing them on Sat & Sun. We don't tow a car so ya gotta disconnect everything and drive the rig. Of course ya can't always just park in the lot all the time so a little planning is required and usually we have asked about that too!
   If we get lucky enough to get parked and have enough empty and working machines we load 'em up, add soap and enough quarters to sink a ship and note the time. Sometimes we stick around and sometimes we go shopping or internetting or find a pub. Usually about 45 minutes then back to transfer to the dryers. Now it's going to take 45 to 60 minutes to get everything dry so we goof off again.( SO VERY TUFF).
   If we pay attention we get back in time ( pub stops can alter the plan) and fold and restock. OMG slaved over the laundry again !!! A whole 2 hrs of our valuable time wasted away..LOL (it used to take a lot longer with only a washer & dryer at home)
We meet a lot of fellow travelers in the laundromat. Get ideas from them about things to see and places to go. 
  There's always the inevitable questions when we return to a park. Where ya been, what'd ya do, we thought ya left, blah,blah,blah !!
   If we use our heads we double duty the trip with grocery shopping, beer & booze store, cigarette run and maybe a tour of the town to orientate. We've seen some interesting stuff while on a "laundry run".
  So that explains a bit on how one little aspect of our lifestyle gets done. 
   Hope your life is as much fun as our's is.

Sunday, December 9, 2012

Gettin' back in the groove Camp #15

It's amazing what a couple good night's sleep can do to recharge your batteries. Quiet nights and great stargazing and good company. AHHH what a relaxing spot Pioneer Park can be !
   Been spending the daylight just puttering and yakking. Did cook out both nights and saw a sign on the office door with a number to call for firewood. Gotta have our bonfires ya know. We thought about hitting a laundromat but decided to wait til Monday so we wouldn't have to compete with the working world folks. The laundromats here in Florida sometimes are located outside, which to a Michigander is downright strange. My buddy, Jerry, ran to Walmarts and took me. Because this is a citrus farm area, there were a lot of Mexican ppl, and I noticed how Wally had a different setup than other stores. The displays had a lot of bright colors. Red, orange, green seemed to be the "eyecatchers" ! Heard a lot of Spanish being used by customers and cashiers. It's funny how the different regions of the USA cater to it's locals. Reminded me of the hype back home during Tip-Up-Town and other local festivals.
   We'll probably spend tomorrow running around shopping and laundring. The stores here, of course, like at home, are packed with Christmas shoppers. I really don't like spending any more time in them than necessary.
   Met a few ppl in the park and everyone seems to be nice. The park had a rather large gathering from the local churches and they had a mini parade this morning that we watched with coffee in hand. Since it was Mexican  themed there were a lot of kids dressed in Mexican garb. Very pretty and the music coming from the grandstand area was enjoyable to hear. Seemed like a very happy group.
 Heather and Kathy have been quite content to go for hikes & sit under the awning and work on their craft hobbies and Jerry and I decided to putter on stuff. He & I were really getting hot so we doffed the shirts and wore our shorts. ( I really think we heard a couple wolf whistles from afar :)  )  That's something we wouldn't be doing at home !
It was 80F today and very humid due to last night showers.
   Hope ya'll are veggin right along with us !

Saturday, December 8, 2012

Camp #15 Pioneer Park

   7:30 AM & well rested. Got a good night's sleep, 1st time in 4 days.The road noise at the repair shop apparently was disturbing us. We left the shop at 1415 and drove to Zolfo Springs and met up with our friends, Jerry & Kathy. Hugs, handshakes and gibby babbed til 2200 and called it a night. It didn't take long to conk out.
   The engine ran a lot cooler after the radiator repair. We had new hoses, belts and thermostat installed too. The radiator had an oil cooler and transmission cooler in it. The cost of rebuilding it was pricey but should be in service for the life of this coach. Got 28 years from the original. Total bill was $1350. About the same as a payment on a new motorhome.
   I highly recommend "HAROLDS REPAIR' in Spring Hills Florida. Very professional and polite. They did a great job and I don't find that too often anymore. Highly experienced mechanics and have been there for 34 years. Like one of the people that recommended them to us said " His mom trusts them"!! Just look for the 3 story dinosaur !! LOL
   We'll have to play catchup on domestics today. Laundry and shopping, etc.. Couldn't get much done while we were captured at the repair place. I have to  check in at the park office as they were closed when we pulled in last evening.We'll be here for a week.
   Our friends have seen a gator about 8 ft long in the pond here. We mentioned this place to them last year and they've found out, like we did, just how nice this county owned park is. Got a little zoo and a museum attached and is close to all the necessities.
   I didn't even completely hook up last night. Just plugged the power in. Gotta finish setting up this morning. Guess I better get busy.
Have a great weekend. REMEMBER, LIVE YOUR DREAMS AS TIME GOES BY QUICKLY..Charlie & Heather

Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Boring-Camp #14 Spring Hill Florida

Harold's Repairs in Spring Hill, Florida

Ya'll know we drive older motorhomes. (at the present a 1984 Titan by Champion) You might call them dinosaurs. So here we are with our dinosour at a repair shop that has an unusual motiff. A DINOSOUR !! LOL !! We're on the far left  on a hoist.
   Harold's Repair Shop has a great reputation in the area. Our radiator is very big since we have the powerful 454 engine and it has built in oil & transmission coolers. It's one of the greatest radiators ever built with it's multifunction purposes. BUT--- VERY PRICEY..if you can find a replacement.
   You know me !! While Harold, the owner of this place for 45 years, was looking for a radiator, I was internetting for one. I found some in various places all over the USA in the neighborhood of $800 to $ 1200..OOWWWW!!.I even found one in California that was chromed! $2400..(if I could...)
So Harold had an old friend that rebuilds these monsters. He has quoted $625 so we went with that but....not til Friday. So---we're gonna call this Camp #14 and Harold has been great..we've got electric and water and a place to dump the tanks and a nice pub across the street,,GOOD TO GO..we definately has time & patience!! Part of fulltimeing I guess. Surely won't be the last time for a breakdown. At least we're secure!
   Our across the street pub has $1 drafts in a large shuster. & COLD ! Happy Hour runs from10AM to  6PM !! You can get in a lot of trouble with those hours !!The crowd is fun and the employees are great. Music the way I like it--danceable & LOUD ! We feel very comfortable there !
   We've had Harold and employees offer us a ride to anywhere we need to go..nice touch..excellant hospitality..
  So---enjoy your week and REMEMBER..LIVE YOUR DREAMS AS TIME GOES BY QUICKLY.. Charlie & Heather.

Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Lucky Breakdown Spring Hill Florida 12-4-12 CAMP 13 1/2

4 years of travel and finally our " no breakdown" luck has crashed !! Of course it hasn't been a terrible piece of (good-bad) luck as we weren't stranded. Stopped for gas and noticed some green antifreeze fluid dripping on the ground,OH-OH ! This isn't good. I slipped underneath and looked at all the obvious spots and didn't see a thing. Our chassis is a P30 Chevy and I'm very familiar with it. There aren't too many problems I can't fix but this is one.. I guessed it might be a lower radiator hose but it's buried behind a lot of stuff so it was time to search out a repair facility.( I hate doing that!!) We were at a HESS gas station and I asked the cashier where there was a truck repair place..DDUUUHHHH!!!...luckily there were several customers of the male persuasion there and almost unanimously suggested "HAROLDS", just a mile North of us. One of them said his mom trusted them..OOkkaayy! Good enough for mom, good enough for me!! Down the street we went after calling them to be sure they worked on P30's.

   We pulled up th a place that is a "HUGE DINOSAUR" !!! Been here for years...ya--right !! Met "HAROLD"..been here for years too! NO PROBLEM..WE"LL GET RIGHT ON IT !! And by God they did !! Had a radiator blowout on our young 28 year old rig..Imagine that ! All the connections (oil cooler, trans cooler, air conditioner cooler,etc) were disconnected and all the hoses and belts were replaced and about 4PM the radiator replacement was delivered......WRONG PART..HHMMM..
   Long story short--camping here tonite..across the street from a PUB (grin)...got AC hookup..okay for the night..Thank you LORD for the (good-bad) luck. Hopefully the right part arrives in the A.M. and we can get on our way. (or we might have to go across the street again).
   Hope ya'll have a good a day as we have---REMEMBER, LIVE YOU DREAMS AS TIME GOES BY QUICKLY.Charlie & Heather.