Our Travel House

Our Travel House

Friday, November 22, 2013

11-18 Camp#74..Arrived at, our friend, Daniel's house about 1400 in Fort Meyers, Fl... I-75 traffic was not too bad but as we approached our exit it definitely got heavier. I hate city drivers. Since we stopped and did all our shopping and gas fill up enrt we didn't have to fight traffic for that in the city. After handshakes and hugs we ordered pizzas and gabbed til about 2200 and even set up karaoke and had a good time singing. Daniel had a nice level yard to park in. Only stayed 1 night as we needed to get planted on Matlacha Island and get some FHU's.

11-19 Camp#75..Yahooo!! Finally at our winter  camp!! On Matlacha Island about 1200. Nice to see  the new drawbridge work is completed and the island approach is an easy drive without all the construction barrels to dodge like last year.
  Greated with hugs and handshakes, so very nice to return to our "winter home". Carl, our friend and park manager, was all grins and helped us get backed into our spot. Only took a short  amount of time to get all hooked up and start enjoying "Island Time". Had a lot of park residents stop over and welcome us back. Went to our favorite watering hole, The Old Fish House and had happy hour and musical entertainment for a couple hours.
 The nice thing about setting up for winter is the decompression we go thru knowing we can settle in and relax completely for a few months. As most bloggers do, I'll probably only blog on a limited basis. It's easier when we travel, to blog, because of  new adventures.
  Got the live bait box going the next morning and loaded it with shrimp. Got some fishing to do, ya know!
  Oh-Oh !! The bait box pump quit the next morning!! BUT....Had a warranty :) !! Off to Northern tools for a no questions asked warranty exchange..Had the new pump working quickly and reloaded some shrimp bait by noon!
11-22  Been puttering with setting up a BBQ grill and making plans for Thanksgiving. Me thinks a smoked turkey and ham are in order. Gonna print out invites and start telling everyone the party is on!!  Went out tonight to see Mulletville, our old stomping ground. The original owner just got it back. Great munchies and cold beer, again, as it used to be! Then we all went across the street to the Olde Fish House and enjoyed some great music!
   Charlie & Heather

Sunday, November 17, 2013

Travelling week. Lots of short stops. SB Florida Camps#70,71,72,73

  Why is it that I'm always surprised with how fast time flies when we're mobile? Last blog was the 11th and look at the date now!
   Most of our check out times are around 1000 and arrivals by 1400. Don't want to overdue it ! Of course ya gotta celebrate every "landing", if'n ya know what I mean !! :) 
  11-12  Camp#70 Chiefland, Fl. @ Chiefland RV for 2 days. $35 for 2 days.
  11-14 Camp#71 Homosassa, Fl. at Homosassa RV for 1 day $22. Couldn't get into our favorite RV Park but ended up across the street and so we walked over to enjoy the pub.
  When we left Homosassa we made a stop in Spring Hill, Fl. at our favorite repair depot, Harolds . Got oil & lube done and had a new carburator installed that I ordered from National Carburator a month ago. WOW, what a difference in performance and gas mileage!
  11-15  Camp#72 Suncoast RV in Port Richie, Fl. 2 nites $48. nice park, we'd go back again. Pool was 85F but the rain dissuaded us. They had a recreation center with a pool table so I let Heather beat me up!!
   That brings us to today. 11-17 Camp#73 @ Sun Lake RV in Ruskin, Fl. for 1 day. Nice smaller park with a pool. $23..cbl is lousy.
  The plan is to head to Fort Meyers and moochcamp at our friend, Daniel's, place for a few days. Then we will head to "ISLAND TIME" for most of the winter.
  Sure do enjoy having our own Wi-Fi with us. This Verizon Mi-Fi has really been so consistently reliable that we hardly ever use any RV park's Wi-Fi. It's faster even when we're parked next to a park antenna. For $50 per month for 5 Gigs it's a great deal!
  Still lovin' the full time lifestyle and meeting so many nice folks and seeing so many interesting areas of our good old USA!
  Hope everyone is having as good a life as we are.
Charlie & Heather.


Saturday, November 9, 2013

Pulled out of Magic River CG in Long Beach, Ms. about 1030 and drove 150mls to Fort Pickens in Florida. Oh-Oh, all filled up! Found an RV park in Gulf Shores. Since it was dusk we bit the bullet and did a one nighter for $65. (ouch, highest price this year) Nice park but wayyyy overpriced. Outa there next morning and headed South to Mexico City, Fl., Rustic Sands RV Resort (PA park $20). Re camped by 1500hrs. They have entertainment tonite with $1 beers!! Hmmm..better stay 2 days!!  LOL . Fun park.Heated pool too.
   Short post today. Got get in a geezer nap before the fun begins.