Our Travel House

Our Travel House

Thursday, September 29, 2011

9-29-11 Thursday 1850 hrs T minus 6 days

We always look at our takeoff date like a Rocket launch..Hence the titile..We're at the handshakes and hugs phase of our lives again..After 3 years of this it's to be expected and we really treasure the moods and emotions. Had a few people tell us they were looking forward to the travel blog firing up again and actually we are too ! You've already heard us make fun comments about "the lists" and we're sure other "snowbirds" are doing the same thing. Someone asked us tonight  "what day are you takeing off?" and we said  "we think Wednesday"..We really don't know for sure and we think that somehow it bothers people, but we spend a whole winter like that..Why are dates and appointments so important to everyone, especially when they are retired?  This all took awhile to get used to but once it's accepted it really is relaxing. My buddie "Billie" is waitng patiently for us in Corbin KY and we're hoping he'll flow into this relaxed lifestyle with us this winter. he's planning on caravaning with us this year..I've got another almost fulltimer friend "Mike", in Illinios, that we'll probably hook up with this winter, somewhere. See? No appointments..When anyone gets into this lifestyle they eventually learn "to relax" and I really believe it'll let you live longer (&happier). Todat we got all the bathroom and dry goods loaded. See? A little bit at a time. Hope all of you are attaining your goals and dreams..REMEMBER..LIVE YOUR DREAMS AS TIME GOES BY QUICKLY.

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Tues 9-27-11 Final Countdown

Remember the old song " It's the final countdown" ?  We only have about 10 days til blastoff for the winter adventure. Except for a few last minute details, we're ready to depart. We've noticed a few of our friends here in Houghton Lake, Mich are starting to say "we'll miss ya" and it's really sweet, we'll miss them too.. It's amazing how these winter sojurns get into your blood. The cat, Hooter, knows something is up, she's really getting overly lovey. We had a nice warm evening tonite and sat outside at the picnic bench, by the motorhome, and "practiced" for the winter. We sure hope all of you follow the travel blog this winter and sign up as a follower. ( I especially enjoy that). Our friend "Billy" is already in Kentucky waiting for us to meet up with him..He's a "newbie" to motorhoming and is going to "convoy" with us this winter. If, in the future, anyone else wants to join up with our group just let us know. Remember..LIVE YOUR DREAMS..AS TIME GOES BY QUICKLY

Friday, September 9, 2011

Sept 9,2011 Getting Ready and Resources

Starting to hitchitch for the winter of 2011/2012..A lot of curiosity is always aimed at us about how we pick our way across the country, so I decided to make a partial list of the resources we use and organizations we joined

Passport America 50% off campsites
Good Sam Club and Travel Insurance
BPOE  (Elks clubs have RV Sites)
FOE    (Eagles clubs have RV Sites)
Army Corps of Engineers
National Park Service
Free Casino Parking
RV Park Reviews
Flying J
Free Campgrounds for RV's
American Legion
And for general interest reading and a wealth of information :
        Gonna fire this blog up again 1st week of October 2011..See ya then...CHARLIE