Our Travel House

Our Travel House

Saturday, October 26, 2013

Another week at Magic River CG

  Another week has flown by since last blog. We're into week 3 of 4 at Magic River CG in Long Beach, Ms. and it's been very relaxing.
Had a bonfire every day til we ran out of wood. Waiting for the park crew to replenish, patiently. I don't think that's ever happened here!

  Our Michigan friends, Jerry & Kathy, were here for a week and our Texas friends Bonnie & Clyde(aka Garnet) are here for a month or more. We've really enjoyed the time spent together. It's amazing how easily the hours slip away just gabbin'.
  Clyde (aka) smoked a large brisket last week and it's the best I've ever had. I'm darned good at smokin' meats and I was very impressed.

   I do believe we've hit a plateau on preplanning. We've only found it necessary to run into stores, laundries, etc, about once every 8 days.
   We joined our buddies down on the beach today. Nice sunny, 75 degree weather made 3 hours fly by.
We all went to a nearby Waffle House to get a bite to eat. One thing we have found out is that Waffle House is consistently good and priced right.
   Every evening, as soon as the sun goes below the tree line, the temps drop about 20 degrees. The shorts disappear and the long pants and shirts and jackets go on. We've had a few nights in the mid 40's and our little heater gets a workout. Had to kick on the furnace, for a few minutes, first thing in the morning to take the chill out. We  watch the weather back in Michigan and are glad we're not there. Our winter destination down by Fort Meyers Florida has been about 10 to 15 degrees warmer. Heading down there in another week.


Thursday, October 17, 2013

Enjoying Long Beach, Ms.

 After our whirlwind summer of travel it's rather nice to be settled in for this month here in Long Beach, Ms. This will be year #4 visiting this area.
   Our friends, Bonnie & Clyde, from Texas, pulled in on Tues the 8th. We all met last year and have kept in touch all summer. You know how when you meet someone it seems like you've known each other forever? That's what happened between us all and their company is fun & relaxing and our conversations flow freely.
   Some back home buddies, Jerry & Kathy, pulled in yesterday, Wed. the 16th, with their new to them 5th wheel. They've been working their way South for about a month, staying mainly in COE parks til they were forced out by the government shutdown. 
   Speaking of the shutdown, we've met a few folks that were affected or asked to leave. Damn shame. I see in the news this morning that the government madness is temporarily fixed til January then we get to see all this madness again. One of the articles I read stated it cost the government $24 "BILLION". 
   The bonfire pit has been fired up for over a week now and a big dent was put in the wood supplied by the park. Evening happy hours everyday except the couple rainy ones. 
   Last weekend the area around Gulfport was packed with every imaginable antique and hot rod and restored old car you could imagine for the annual "Cruisin' the Coast" extravaganza. We went down to the oceanfront for breakfast and had front window seats. The parade of cars was great! I think I even saw a few of the cars I've had in my lifetime. Great memories! It's nice to see a car that brings your mind back to days past like when in the service or reminds you of a special girl or when your children learned to drive. 
   The weather, for the most part, has been hovering in the high 70's to low 80's. We've had a  few sprinkles and 1 heavy rain. That's one of the nice things about this area at this time of year. Been reading a few other blogs about freezing water lines. My son's area in Montana got a lot of snow last week. I sure like our plan for chasing 75F.     
   Well, I guess I'd better go and get the day started. We've all got plans on smokin' a brisket. We may even set up our karaoke gig tonite if the weather lets us.
     Charlie & Heather

Friday, October 11, 2013

Camp #66 10-01-13 Long drive to Long Beach, Ms.via CRS

  10.01.13 We've all heard of CRS haven't we? I usually am up on my game 110% but...if their's one thing I hate to admit to it's the creeping, crawling introduction to CRS ! Heather just offhandidly asked me where I put our Wi-Fi Verizon device while travelling down the road. I immediately realized I'd left it outside on the trailer roof. (see last blog) OH-OH !!!  Of course it was history. Called Verizon and ordered a new one to the tune of $200. (Oh no, I didn't need insurance!!)Took a couple days but now we're back in business.
  Tues morning, Oct 1st, on the road at our usual 1000hrs, stopped in town for a few supplies and Southbound to Hattiesburg, Ms.
Traffic was light, even thru Jackson, so we hit Hattiesburg by 1330hrs. Still felt like driving and Heather said she was okay with that so we continued til we got to Long Beach, Ms. at Magic River Resort, one of our favorites.  Had to drive thru a little downpour for a 1/2 hr but then it dried up.
  As we pulled into the park about 1600 we noticed the bonfire wood pile was stacked high. I really like the fact that here they provide the wood.
We also saw some bass jumping in the ponds as we pulled in.
   Seems nice to have FHU's after a series of COE's. Haven't had that for a month or so. I certainly won't miss the "dump" routine every couple of days. Drizzled most of the night and the sun poked out about 1000. I wonder if the wood will be dry enough ?
   Been noticing the flocking geese thruout Mississippi. Makes me wonder if winter is far away. Some color in the trees in North Ms but not so much here in the south end.
   Met some neighbors here that we've seen before. Happy hour commenced again this afternoon and we've got a nice bonfire going. Debating about what bait we'll need to catch some of these bass.
10.04.13  Decided we'd go North 90 mls to Hattiesburg, Ms to avoid Hurricane Karen. Be gone for at least 4 days. We really don't want to get stuck on the roads if evacuation becomes mandatory.
10.08.13  Spent 4 days at Okatoma park in Hattiesburg and luckily the hurricane fizzled out. Back at Long Beach.
   Our friends, Bonnie & Clyde, from Texas, are meeting up with us Tues night.
   Weather reports for the week look very good. Back to normal!
When things settle down a bit I'll take some time and post some pictures. The fish are floppin' in the pond so I gotta go! Later.
Charlie & Heather