Our Travel House

Our Travel House

Sunday, April 16, 2017

APRIL 16TH 2017


I miss blogging every day. I still read some blogs. I was sorry to see The Old Fat Man ( Barney ) quit blogging so suddenly. Billy Bob is still doing an occasional blog. It takes time and devotion to blog on any kind of regular basis.

We still have our beloved motorhome for sale. Had a few interested folks but nothing became of them. Sold the storage/tool trailer a week ago. If you know anyone that wants to buy an older motorhome ( 28ft 1984 Titan ) send me an email . cmhl09@passportamerica.com (that's CMHLzero9) It's had a lot of great care as you all know.

After last December's wreck with our car and my hip repair I've just been healing and so far so good. I decided no more driving so Ms. Heather has become our chauffeur. The hardest part of that is I'm a terrible passenger but I WILL get used to it ( I hope ).Life on the island is great. This winter was a bit warmer than usual. It was a bit of a problem getting around while we were without a car for awhile but thanx to some friends we got to wherever we needed to. I feel humbled by the outpouring of love sent our way and all the help we received. We found another car and life is slowly getting back to normal. Now I still have to see a neurologist for some tests. I sure wish one of these 5 docs and 12 tests would pinpoint the syncope problems. One of my docs grins at that syncope word, I ask why, she sad that's a word doctors use when they are stumped ! To date my insurance has spent $400,000 ! ! ! WOW !!

We've been watching our snowbirds starting their homeward migration. The colors of the license plates on the island are getting back to Florida colors. Street and traffic congestion is improving. Same thing every year at this time. It's nice but the people will be missed.

I hope to write a short blog from time to time and I thank God for the opportunities he allowed us to enjoy with our travels around this great country of ours. Please be thankful for each day. 

Wednesday, March 8, 2017

I had an accident Dec 23rd, 2016 while driving our car and hit a tree. It totaled the car. I ended up with a broken hip and fractured ankle and a concussion and a fractured neck. Lucky to be alive and thankful no one else was involved. I've made up my mind that I'm done driving so we've decided to sell the motorhome.
I reviewed, in my head, how many new parts have been installed in just a couple years. EGOD !! I know we'll never get our money back. I never fixed things thinking we'd be selling it in 2017.
If you have followed this blog you know the TLC this vintage 28ft,1984 Titan Motorhome has been given.
We put it in storage last year and I go there once a month and run it and the genny and take it for a decent ride.
The motor (454 Chevy) was changed out 2 years ago. Only 39K miles on it, great transmission.
The Genny was changed out 3 years ago.
New roof A/C 3 years ago. ( No engine A/C ) We run the genny to run the roof A/C while on the road.
New stove and water heater 4 years ago.
Tires in great shape, 2 front are new and spare never on ground.
New master cylinder and brakes.
Radiator was rebuilt 3 years ago.
The only thing I can think it needs is new batteries (chassis and motor).
If you want a turnkey older rig this is it ! Located near Cape Coral Florida.
Blogging has been fun .
Drop me a note. Charlie … cmhl09@passportamerica.com


Saturday, January 14, 2017

1-14-17 Ya gotta love getting older !

I was reading some blogs today and realized I really miss writing ours. If you are/were a regular reader you know that we settled down about 1 1/2 years ago. We still have the motorhome in storage ! Decided 2 weeks ago to try and sell it. Recently my health took a downturn. Episodes of syncope. I passed out last May 26th, again July 16th and then Dec 23rd. I've been seeing a lot of doctors and having a lot of tests but no causes found yet. I was driving our car last episode and crashed into a tree. Broke my left hip, fractured right ankle and sore all over. I've decided no more driving for me. Thanks to a lot of great people around us we can function. I'm glad this didn't happen in the motorhome !!  To all of you that still blog, keep it up as I still love reading about the adventures !! Love you all !! Charlie & Heather.

Sunday, December 20, 2015


I know it's been awhile since my last blog but I think that's normal when us bloggers finally settle in somewhere. I miss blogging but my plan is to only occasionally write one. We signed a 2 year lease on our place on Matlacha Island, Fl. And put our motorhome in storage. If we start to travel again my blogging will probably increase again.
Ms. Heather and I are quite content to be planted again. We do miss traveling but our decision to sit awhile has been good. Matlacha Island is a great place to be. We, of course, have made a lot of friends here after snowbirding for 5 years.
We found out that the weather is very hot in the summer til about the end of October. Did a lot of AC, like the locals. November brings a break in hot and starts to get comfortable again. We used to get here in late November so this year has been a learning curve.
We've slid in to “Island Time” in a big way. Music, seafood, and other ways to while away the time. Our weeks slide by effortlessly.
We put on a karaoke party Monday evenings at home, Tuesday's we play Bingo. ( unlike most bingo's this one is FREE, free is good) , Wednesday's we go play pool with some friends. FREE. Thursday evening our favorite band, The Hipnauticals, entertain us, ( No commercials) The weekends are a mix of diversified island things, never the same !
Being land based has inspired our culinary skills. I've been getting creative and started baking again. It's great having a full sized kitchen again. I do have to get in a lot of walking to make up for the extra calories though !!
The holiday season on Matlacha Island, Florida is a mixture of fun. A few fund raisers, like most communities and everyone is preparing for “Season”. It's usually about the second week of January when the license plate colors changeover to reflect the mass migration of folks from Northern States. I regularly will go sit out front and check out the plates on the vehicles. I can see the broad mix of states enjoying the area. Most of the businesses have the next 90 days to make it or break it. Like our previous domicile, Houghton Lake, Michigan, they have a majority of their yearly income generated during the season.
Ms Heather has plans to expand her custom jewelry business this winter. It's good to see her excited about it. She will be getting more exposure of her craft at a local market. It will probably require a few hours every weekend to set up and teardown but it's worthwhile to generate a few $$$ !
Right after the holidays we're planning on a good scrubdown and wax job on the motorhome in storage. I was out there checking on it and it's dirty. I go there every few weeks and fire up the motor and generator to ensure its health. Hoping to get a couple short camping trips in, this winter, too !
We still don't miss winter at all !
May all our family and readers have Happy and Holy and safe
holidays !
Charlie & Heather and Rolling Earthquake .

Sunday, August 9, 2015

8-6-15 Settleing in
Well, our housewarming party went very well. We had almost 100% of our invited friends show up and it was pretty laid back. Its was nice to see people intermingling and meeting new folks. Ms. Heather & I appreciated all the donated food and gifts and the words of encouragement, both personally and via the blog & e mail & socia media !! It's great to have great friends.
I've got ads posted locally and on Craigslist to sell the motorhome and tool trailer. Got a few calls on each but nothing solid yet. No hurry, no worry !!
The Florida summer weather seems to be tolerable although hot. It's been near 90F most days this past month but regular late afternoon showers do cool it off . Our central AC has been great. I wonder how much the electric bill will be …. time'l tell !
As is true with most moves, the “ where is this and where is that” seems to be slowing down thank goodness to Ms. Heather's great memory ! I haven't missed finding very much this week.
Mama Cat has settled in quite well including licking my feet and getting kicked off the bed a few times. I CAN”T STAND THAT !!! So she's moved over towards Ms Heather's side of the bed for survival !! ha ha ha ha !!!
We've met a few of our neighbors and so far so good.
Went to a “ celebration of life” memorial for one of our island friends. We were kinda surprised how many people we know from the island. Quite a few more than we realized. I suppose, after 5 years of snowbirding down here, that's inevitable ! There was quite a turnout at the church for Danny “Dog” Dobbins !!.
We decided to NOT get involved in the boat after all ! Wants & needs just don't require 125HP to go fishing a few days every month. Besides, fishing from the bridge and canal fronts is just as much fun. We already know several folks to go fishing with, so why take on the aggravation of boat ownership ?? ( A hole in the water into which you pour $$$$ ) .
A few years ago I sold all my good sound gear and since we're land based now I decided to “ go big “ again. Over the last few weeks I've reaquired some kick butt sound equipment again. Ms Heather and I fired up the karaoke stuff and have had a few close friends over to share some music ! Of course some libations were involved too ! It's fun to have a good sound system again ! Since our nearby neighbors are snowbirds and gone for the summer we haven't had anyone to irritate . I wonder how that will fly this winter ??
Fellow blogger, Billy Bob ( http://billybobsplace.blogspot.com/ ) , has had some bothersome medical problems. I hope he get's straightened up so's he can get on the road again. There, but for God, I could go !!
As I still read blogs, it makes me daydream of travelling. I wonder how much we'll miss that ???
Ms Heather has picked up her painting business again. Since June she's done a few jobs and now she's doing a complete interior job.
I'm building a wall hanging, home entertainment cabinet for the living room. I love the smell of wood ! This should put all our TV and sound stuff in one place. Did I ever tell you I love Lowes and Home Depot. Like a kid in a candy shop !!
Windows 10 has been installed on my laptop for a few days and so far so good..the install went seamlessly and it works a bit faster. The replacement browser for Explorer is called EDGE and works better. Still not as good as CHROME though !!
My buddy, Daniel, who lives just a few miles from us, has been over a few times and it's been nice to see him. He is a great musician and we have fun with a lot of music.

Charlie & Heather

Friday, July 24, 2015

7-23-15 Beginning life off the road !!


Have you ever had a major re-direction in your life ? We have !! Several years ago we decided to hit the road and see the USA in a motorhome, that led to writing a blog and that became a semi daily high point of the day for me ! I thought it'd be a great way for our families and friends to see what we were doing. 28 States and 100k miles later we have decided to settle down again.
We had been talking about stopping our gypsy travels last spring but we thought we'd do that this coming winter. We kinda put some feelers out for a place to settle down on Matlacha Island, Fl. as we both love it. As luck would have it a nice place showed up and we both loved it. If we tried to get a place like this at the beginning of “ season “ it wouldn't happen !! So we flipped our “ jello “ coin and grabbed it !

The past 1 ½ weeks we've been “ moving “ out of the motorhome and into our new place. It's amazing how much stuff we had in the motorhome and trailer. I guess none of us pay much attention to our collection of stuff. We really didn't find anything we don't use but there was a lot of it ! Ha ha ha ! One of our concerns was our “ Kitty “, Mama Cat, that has adopted us. She's pretty headstrong and is an inside/outside cat. We're wondering what she'll do ???
Our new residence gives us about 416 square feet more space to survive in. Now that's not a lot but it's nice to have a little more room. Our MH was 28 x 8 ( 224 sq ft )and the new place is 40 x 16.( 640 sq ft ) Hmmmm !! Kinda like the old days ! We also aquired a 21 ft boat with it.

Since I had a boat for 20 some years up in Michigan I'm looking forward to being on the water again. We're on a canal front and on Matlacha Island, Fl. which is a spot we both love. We have made many friends here in the last 5 years so we feel at home.
I've been finding the hot weather here is something to contend with. AC seems to be the answer every afternoon. I suppose we'll get used to it as time goes on. I do know I'm never gonna do winter again.
Ms Heather has been grinning ever since we decided to do this ! I'm grinning because I was getting tired of driving every week. It's nice we're both so happy !
Now, we've got a motorhome and trailer to sell. Hope they go to a good home. We have a lot of adjustments to go thru. I still try to flush with a foot pedal and feel bit awkward not having to dump tanks !! We are finally able to pass by each other without any scootching !!

I suppose we'll have to changeover to being Florida residents now ! Of course there's advantages and disadvantages to that. I totally find all that cr** to be a pain in the a** to do, but necessary. Would be nice to be declared a USA retired resident with a national license for driving, CCW, voters card, etc. !!
Ms. Heather has solved the kitty dilemma. She put her in a carrier and hauled her over to our new place. She's been here for a week now and seems to enjoy the AC as much as I do. Of course we had to get all the necessary cat stuff and she has totally adapted to inside living so far !! The silly kitty seems to have a grin on her face too. ( We did find her sleeping up on the motorhome motor while we were gone and didn't wander to far away from her “ big box “. I guess she missed us !! Awwwww !!! She's even been joining me for nap hour.

We having an open house party tomorrow, Saturday for our old neighbors and the new ones. Hoping the weather cooperates.
I may/may not continue the blog. What do you think ??
Charlie & Heather

Friday, July 10, 2015

7-1 thru 7-10-15 big changes !!


Ms. Heather & June's painting project is just about done. June's house looks real good. They've managed to get the bright yellow paint on them pretty well too ! ( & the ladder )

Got a call from my skin clinic that the biopsies they did a week ago require the spots on my lip & back be removed with a MOHS procedure. Got an appointment for July 6th, early, to get that done. Kinda sounds like we may be here for a few days more. We were gonna take off that day.
We removed our 2 seat cushions from the table seats and had them reupholstered. Found a lady on Pine Island that was reasonably priced. We had pull the chairs and flip them to remove a few dozen hog ring fasteners. The only worn fabric was the seat cushions. She did a nice job and revamped them to be drop in cushions. She added zippers to them, we can flip them now and if needed they're washable. Much better setup ! Total cost was $160.
The humidity has dropped a bit, making the heat bearable. It still gets up to 90F every afternoon.
I'm thinking we'll get some fireworks for the 4th . Haven't done that in awhile! We'll join a lot of other folks by the drawbridge and celebrate ! A park party is in the makings too !
We had a great party on the docks Saturday. The food was yummy. We pounded fireworks for over an hour. The fireworks I bought were fantastic. I think my friend, Carl, had more fun than I did. We were like a couple of kids again !!

WOW !! Change is in the air !! A BIG twist in the jello plans occurred on Thursday, July 2nd. Ms. Heather and I have been toying with the idea of when we'd quit roaming and had kinda figured that we'd get serious about planting somewhere after this summer. We totally agree that Matlacha Island, where we've been coming to for 5 years, would be a great place to settle into. I've been researching the idea, via internet and all our contacts here, to get a feel of the prices and possibilities available. I put a few business cards out with my inquirees. Lo and behold, we got a call from the resort next door. A couple, Bob & Barb, had a place available. We took a walk over and looked it over, it's furnished and on a canal and comes with a nice boat on a lift. Hmmmm!!!

This place is newer and in very nice shape. So we all sat and talked. Ms. Heather & I decided to make the plunge 'cause we aren't gonna beat this deal. We signed a 2 year lease and it looks like we're earthbound again. Wheww !! Gonna be busy for awhile !! Anyone out there want to buy a great motorhome ?
Our move into our new place really shouldn't take too long. Life in a motorhome keeps the amount of 'extra' stuff to a minimum. We'll start transferring stuff on Wednesday after Ms. Heather does some prep work. It certainly will be easier than our last move !!

On Monday 7-6 , I had an appointment at my dermatologist's to remove some basil cell carcinoma from under my nose and a spot on my back. ( MOHS procedure ) My primary doctor found those a few months ago and sent me to get them looked at. Good catch !! I'm paying dues for all the sun in the past. I never used sunscreen in the old days, I do now ! Gotta walk around with my upper lip all bandaged up for a few days. Real pretty !!

The days fly by ! Here it is Friday, 7-10-15, and we've been busy. We started our move in on Wednesday and have been hard at it every day. Got about 80% moved so far. I hate moving. Even though we have been in a motorhome there's still lots of small stuff. Luckily our new place comes furnished and with appliances so we haven't had any heavy stuff to move. I'm too old for that anyway !!
We had Dishtv here today and took advantage of their moving service. Got a new sat dish permanently mounted and tuned in. I called them at 1000hrs and the field tech was here at 1600 and done by 1730. Gotta love it. We managed to live without TV for 3 days..whewww, I was going thru withdrawal !! LOL !!!
I suppose this blog is long enough.
Charlie & Heather