Our Travel House

Our Travel House

Sunday, April 16, 2017

APRIL 16TH 2017


I miss blogging every day. I still read some blogs. I was sorry to see The Old Fat Man ( Barney ) quit blogging so suddenly. Billy Bob is still doing an occasional blog. It takes time and devotion to blog on any kind of regular basis.

We still have our beloved motorhome for sale. Had a few interested folks but nothing became of them. Sold the storage/tool trailer a week ago. If you know anyone that wants to buy an older motorhome ( 28ft 1984 Titan ) send me an email . cmhl09@passportamerica.com (that's CMHLzero9) It's had a lot of great care as you all know.

After last December's wreck with our car and my hip repair I've just been healing and so far so good. I decided no more driving so Ms. Heather has become our chauffeur. The hardest part of that is I'm a terrible passenger but I WILL get used to it ( I hope ).Life on the island is great. This winter was a bit warmer than usual. It was a bit of a problem getting around while we were without a car for awhile but thanx to some friends we got to wherever we needed to. I feel humbled by the outpouring of love sent our way and all the help we received. We found another car and life is slowly getting back to normal. Now I still have to see a neurologist for some tests. I sure wish one of these 5 docs and 12 tests would pinpoint the syncope problems. One of my docs grins at that syncope word, I ask why, she sad that's a word doctors use when they are stumped ! To date my insurance has spent $400,000 ! ! ! WOW !!

We've been watching our snowbirds starting their homeward migration. The colors of the license plates on the island are getting back to Florida colors. Street and traffic congestion is improving. Same thing every year at this time. It's nice but the people will be missed.

I hope to write a short blog from time to time and I thank God for the opportunities he allowed us to enjoy with our travels around this great country of ours. Please be thankful for each day. 


  1. The OFM is back starting tomorrow. I hope your recovery is very satisfactory and frees you for more adventures.

  2. My diesel pusher has been sitting unused for a year now. May have to put it up for sell one of these days, too.

  3. Trying to email you I only get an error 404, whatever that may be. Email me please about your RV.