Our Travel House

Our Travel House

Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Usually, at this time of the year, the resorts in Florida start to empty out. Our RV park is still having people checking in. I wonder if the cold that's hitting the North is encouraging snowbirds to dawdle? I have a habit of checking our weather vs up in Michigan every morning. When I see we're 50+ degrees warmer it warms my heart. I've noticed a lot more friends from North country have visited Florida this year too. Did you know that over a million people are moving to Florida each year? We have had about 6 folks pull out and head North.
We met some newbies that stayed here in a motorhome. They have only had their rig 1 month. Nice folks, Dan & Caretha. They are from Canada and Sweden. Had a fun filled happy hour and they went to The Olde Fish House with us to listen to some fun music. We talked a lot about making the transition to full timing and life on the road. Of course we all shared the learning curve of motorhoming.
Our friend, Carl, joined us for the evening and we laughed so much our sides were aching in the morning. One of the subjects that came up was how newbies have a tendency to pack too much, that sparked a discovery of them having 26 pairs of shoes with them! We showed them how to downsize by throwing them out the door (jokingly!!) and Carl just happened to be approaching the door at an appropriate moment!! Caught him by suprise !! I even took a chance of bringing our mascot, Hooter Brown, in to meet them. Have I told ya about Hooter Brown ???
The next morning was a slowwww morning !!
After a few days we gained our energy back and decided it was time to scrub the rig. It's been 5 months since a major scrubdown. We are still finding grease spots obtained during the engine change. After 3+ hours of scrubbing with Soft Scrub and Scotchbright pads our arms were done. Tomorrow will be wax day. The rig looks so purrrty when it's been spiffed up !!
Another week and we'll be out looking for a car. I've been scouring Craigslist for a good deal and so far have about 4 to look at. We haven't had a car for 2 ½ years so it'll be interesting to see what we end up with. Ms. Heather will be my chase car. We don't plan on any cross country trips this summer. The “jello” plan is to stay in the Southestern States this summer. If we go as far as North Carolina I'll be surprised. The past few years we've just driven the rig around. It'll be nice to have a car again for day trips & shopping. It should be fun summer!!

Charlie & Heather.

Monday, March 23, 2015

SUNDAY 3-22-15

Had another fun filled and good weather week on Matlacha Island, Fl..
We managed to get out to some music a couple times this week. Had some cookouts and a park party. Some long term residents are leaving and this'll be their last winter here due to health issues. I asked my friend Daniel to come eat and play his guitar for awhile and another bunch did a ribs & chicked BBQ. Lot's of side dishes by others made for a feast.

It's been in the 80's every day and 60's at night. Had to lather up with sunscreen every day as these Yankee bodies burn much too quickly. AC has been on every afternoon.
With all the hot days, of course the water temps are rising and along with that the fishing is picking up. We're seeing a lot more bridge fishermen and many more boats cruising the cut. We have a night light out on the dock and there's been a lot of fish seen down there. I just saw a large stingray this morning. When we were down at the outdoor restaurant a few dasys ago we were treated to a “ Jack boil “ in the canal and an array of jumping fish. The minnows are abundent too. Folks have been catching speckled trout regularly. I betcha the “ Old Fat Man “ & “ Billy Bob “ ( fellow bloggers ) would be entertained if they were here. Might go fishing at 5PM today as the tide will be up.
I'm still on the prowl, via Criagslist, for a car. Hopeing we find one this month. I thought I found a good deal 2 weeks ago but I heard a small tick in the engine so I passed it up.
3-23-15 MONDAY
Got up to a nice sunny morning and 77F. The weather guessers are saying afternoon rain. I hope not 'cause I'm planning on a cookout today. Around about noon the clouds rolled in and here come da rain, dangit ! But we got lucky and about 2:30 it stopped. I decided to chance cooking and the sun came back out and all went well.
I haven't used this recipe for awhile but it's simple. Bought 8 Cornish Game Hens the other day. I washed 'em up and fired up the grill. As they cooked I kept basting them with some OJ & brown sugar and cooked 'em slow & easy.

Ms Heather made up some stuffing and gravy and Carl did some 5 grain rice. Yummy ! If I keep eating like this I may put some weight on. Ha ha ha !!

Charlie & Heather

Saturday, March 14, 2015

3-10-15 Another New Week

Yeah, I know, I know, 3-10 is a Tuesday but Monday was recovery day so it doesn't count !! hahahah...
Been staying busy looking for a car. I can't quite make up my mind if we need a van or a car, preferably a Cadillac. We enjoyed our last Caddy soooo very much that it's tempting to get another one even though a van makes more sense. We're planning on staying in the S.E. Corner of the USA this summer so Ms Heather & I decided to research some kind of vehicle to take day trips in. I think a good low mileage used Caddy would be nice. Time will tell.
I've been tossing the idea of selling the Goldwing. I've found it's just too dang heavy for me. I already have installed the standard driver's footpegs and removed the floorboards to get my short legs on the ground but it's still a lot of bike, especially on gravel surfaces. The traffic has been extremely heavy this year and I got my reminder of why I quit biking years ago. I'm running an ad on Craigslist to see if I can sell the Goldwing. It's a shame because this Honda is in damn nice condition.
We're planning on a nice smoked corned beef foodfest for near St. Pat's day, probably Sunday. Carl has a recipe he's used for years and I'm really looking forward to it. It takes him 3 days to prepare it.
Ms Heather has sure been keeping busy with her jewelry crafting. She's been setting up a stand at The Olde Fish House from Tuesday thru Saturday and has been pretty successful selling her stuff. I think her artistic talent shines with this hobby. She always has a few small bracelets with her and gives them away to any children that get curious by her table. Something she's noticed is any people from other countries seem offended if she gives their kids anything and make the kids give them back !! How strange !! Poor kids !!
Wednesday 3-11-15
My body is still adjusting to DST. I was waking up at 6AM but today I managed to make it til 7. I'm still working on the PM bedtime. 11 PM seems to be about right although still feels early.
I had planned on a motorcycle ride today but it got so hot, so early, I wimped out. This evening, Ms. Heather and I were just planning on a dinner when Carl announced he'd made some beef & barley stew. Problem solved ! It was real good. Had a little shower early evening but it cleared up quickly. Gotta get some shopping done tomorrow.

SATURDAY 3-14-15
Pi day !!
Big garage sale day on the island. Ms. Heather set up her jewelry stand real early. I took a real long walk in the neighborhoods. I didn't find anything to buy but I did meet a lot of smiling ppl with treasures in hand.
I bought some new sandals yesterday and am happy to report they are great for walking. My last pair rubbed my feet raw if I walked any long distance in them. Out with the old.....
Today was hot. Had the AC on by 0930..that's getting to be the norm lately. I've even had to kick it on before we go to bed to drop the humidity.
Next Tuesday is my heritage day ! St Patrick's Day is a biggy for us Irishmen. Tomorrow, Sunday, we're having a get together and Carl has been prepping and smoking some corned beef briskets all day. He's been doing his thing every year. His corned beef sandwiches are outstanding ! I'm delegated to make some fresh cut fries. It sounds like we've got a great group showing up for the feast.
We hope all of you have a great St Pat's week !

Charlie & Heather

Sunday, March 8, 2015

2-27-15 FRIDAY
We must be getting thinner blood. This is the 5th winter of being down South. We haven't had any really cold weather freeze us in quite awhile. Woke up this morning to 60F and windy again. Hell, up north in the old days we'd be out in the yard in t-shirts. Not anymore ! After a few coffees I put on my jacket and went outside. Brrrr!! It's supposed to be less warm for a few more days and rain. The weather guessers are saying about Tuesday we'll be back in the 80's. Can't wait.
So, what does a person do to while away time when the weather is saying hide out ? All of us full timers get faced with this dilemma occasionally.
I found several small inside projects to do. Mostly just piddling around, nothing brainbusting. Now, where's my list ? I always scribble my “ to do “ things down when I think of them cause my memory doesn't always make note of small projects. Tighten that, replace that, make another list of parts needed. You know !!
Stepped outside a few more times thru out the day. Still cool, still windy. Bummer !
I had to re aim the danged sat dish again. I swear the ground on the island is moving all the time. Every time, just about daily, it just needs an 1/8th of an inch adjustment.

I was up early Wednesday morning. Had the news on and was enjoying a cup of coffee when Heather got up with a Happy Birthday wish. I must be trying to avoid getting older because I wasn't even thinking about it ! WOW !! 69 years old !! How the heck did those many years fly by ? As the day progressed all the kids called me and of course Facebook wishes were piling up. Heather asked me what we were going to do and since I don't make a big deal of it I said “ Lets have pizza tonight”. Thanx to everyone for the birthday acknowledgements.

Saturday 3-7-15

We went down the street to The Olde Fish House last night and listened to a band called The Heathens. A duo of accoustic guitars, the 2 young guys had just got in from a boat trip with Kid Rock. Great entertainment and a large crowd. Everyone sat outside under a full moon and the temperature was perfect and no bugs. Hated to see the evening end.

We got some shopping done yesterday. Found a good deal on corned beef brisket so I bought 3. Carl is going to smoke 'em and prepare them for St Patrick's day . He's done this before and it's absolutely delicious. Make's me salivate just thinking about it !!
I got my tax return money back already. I e filed them, again this year, about 3 weeks ago. I'm glad to see the IRS has seemed to smooth out their system a lot.
Since it's been in the 80's all week the water is warming up and the fishing has been picking up. We were out on our dock wetting some lines and saw several manatees and dolphins. They were right next to the dock, could have touched them ! It's erie when they look you right in the eye. Of course, when there are dolphins in the area the fishing ( catching ) shuts off. I've noticed the folks on the drawbridge are catching more.
I'm expecting some mail soon. Got my license and tags being sent here. I was able to do that on the net except for the motorcycle tag. I had to have my friend go get that one.

Sunday 3-8-15

End of the week. Carl did us up today ! He had fresh clams and used his culinary skills to feed a bunch of us. Clam chowder too. He also baked a batch and we had our fill. I threw some potatoes and a pork loin on the grill for a follow up.
Our friends, Terry & Ginger, slipped over here from Pine Island and joined us. We spent 2 hours listening to some mighty fine music at The Olde Fish House before dinner. The weather was perfect today.

It was a great way to wrap up the week.
Did ya'll remember to set your clocks forward this morning ??
I'm sitting here at 9PM with the windows and door open and feeling mighty fine.
Charlie & Heather.