Our Travel House

Our Travel House

Monday, March 28, 2011

Mon 3-28-11 Bristol FL Torreya State Park

We left Caverns State Park about 11AM and only traveled 1 1/2 hrs to Bristol FL, Torreya State Park. It may seem strange to you that we'd move so few miles but how ya gonna see it all without driving all day? Torreya Park is one of the highest elevations in Florida and has hiking trails and a waterfall. We'll call this home for a week and let our mail catch up with us..we found the drive into the park  long and beautiful and since the temp's went to 80F we had to turn on the AC to dehumidify...wonderful time to declare an early happy hour as the drinks won't get warm!! Our phones, satellite and wi-fi signals are very strong, way up on the hill, so we are in great shape for the week..the lookout porch has a fantastic view over the countryside and the other campers are happy people..Sunday morning had some thunder in the air for an hour or so, but the rain skirted around us and the sun came out full force..by Monday we needed to restock the fridge so we took a ride into Bristol and filled it, we got back within a couple hours and wouldn't you know it...Happy Hour again!!! Tomorrow we'll tour the Gregory House, a civil war mansion in the park, I'll fill ya in next blog.
So our friends, we hope spring is in the air and REMEMBER...LIVE YOUR DREAMS AS TIME GOES BY QUICKLY..Charlie&Heather

Thursday, March 24, 2011

Mar 24,2011 Heading towards Florida

We pulled out of  Long Beach Mississippi and headed to Alabama (with a banjo on my knee), arrived at Azalia Acres RV Park in Robertsdale Al about 2PM. Nice new park..We got the laundry done and vegged for 2 days. Next on our agenda was a 4hr drive to Marianna Florida, The Florida Caverns State Park. We got all set up again at 4PM..kinda late for us but we got delayed with a flat tire enroute. We used our Good Sam Road Servvice to get the tire changed and it put us 1 hour off our plan. That's a first for Charlie, a few years ago I would have just changed it, but I gotta admit it makes it a lot easier to have someone else do it !!   It didn't cost us a dime either! Caverns State Park  is on par with Michigan's Hartwick Pines Park. The trees here are amazing. Some look about 80' tall and at night the sky stars are very hard to see and it is dark..Last night we heard some really wierd owl/scream/growl sounds. (Maybe it was BIGFOOT !!) Needless to say no more fresh air walks after that..(grin)..Today we took in the cavern tour and it was actually better than the Mammoth Cave tour we did last year. The Stalactites-Stalagmites were enormous and very colorful. It very etheral and spooky. We pull out tomorrow and next is Torreya State Park in Bristol FL..it's the highest elevation in Florida and has the states highest waterfall. We'll stay a week and let the mail catch up to us this time. It'll be good to stop for awhile. We're starting to watch Michigan weather as that'll make up our minds about a northern turn and slow trip home..Hope the snow up there stops and temps get better soon.We miss you all and hope you're safe and snuggly..REMEMBER..LIVE YOUR DREAMS AS TIME GOES BY QUICKLY..Charlie&Heather

Thursday, March 17, 2011

03-17-11 St Pat's at Magic River MS

Last post we were displaced, up the hill. That only lasted 2 days and then everyone moved back to low ground..The water only moved a few feet into the campground and everyone breathed a sigh of relief and got back to normal..It's a big deal down here ,and should be, as even a small flood can be a real disaster..The weather has gotten real decent and the sun has been screaming every day since the rain..We managed to get a few days of fishing in and have cooked outside almost every night..of course we've had bonfires every evening and the staff has been delivering firewood every day, we're doing our best to burn it all but I think they're winning..A few neighbors have moved out and some new ones have replaced them..some from Canada, others from Ohio, Mississippi,Florida and other far away places..it's great meeting all of them !!..We made plans for our next few stops, one in Alabama for 2 days and another in Florida for 3 days..hopeing to catch up on mail in Florida..We're gonna do some cave tours next week..I sure hope the weather stays nice during all the driveing as I hate driveing in rain..I see Mich has been "warming" (50???) but it's not warm enough to coax us home yet (grin)..Since today was St Pat's we had an early Happy Hour...since last week was Mardis Gras the locals were burnt out on partying  :=(  awwwwww!!!..the only foot path we haven't walked looked like it was getting dried out so we may try it tomorrow..supposed to be a beaver dam and some alligators down that path, I better take my walking stick and my runnin" shoes..Hope everyone had a great St Pat's and the week is safe..REMEMBER..LIVE YOUR DREAMS AS LIFE GOES BY QUICKLY..Charlie&Heather

Thursday, March 10, 2011

March 10 2011 Magic River RV Ms

Thursday already !! Still at Magic River RV Park..The staff came around yesterday morning and told everyone that the rain of the past 24 hours raised their fear that the "Magic River" might appear and flood the lower part of the camp, so everyone ( about 12 campers )  had to move to the rear higher end of the park..there's quite a difference in elevation and the high ground has never flooded in the past..Can you believe some campers were mad ?? We thought it was wise to move so 45 minutes later  we were set up again..The owner stopped by and apologized !! I really thought the whole thing was well executed..in a matter of 4 hours everyone was helped, escorted and reestablished on the high ground, with full hook ups too !! Things got settled and it was back to normal routines..We walked down this morning and checked the river level, hadn't changed much from the night before but the owner showed me where to check..it seems that the flow of water is normally from the spring fed pond to the West, he says watch when the flow reverses, it's a sign that things are achangeing...tonite, about 8pm, I took another walk to check it and sure enough the water flow was into the pond and had a strong current..It will be interesting to see what the morning will bring..We really only had 1 worry....NO WATERWINGS WITH US   (LOL).. We had a nice sunny day and 70 with no wind..we even sat out and tanned up today then we had home made spaghetti for dinner...yum yum..I wonder if the rains the past few days means spring is just around the corner..Hope all our friends are enjoying life as we are..REMEMBER..LIVE YOUR DREAMS AS TIME GOES BY QUICKLY..Charlie&Heather

Sunday, March 6, 2011

3-6-11 Sunday Long Beach MS Magic River RV

Got back here to Magic River yesterday about 1PM from the casino. After "playing" til 4AM needless to say our biological clocks are a bit outa kilter :)  we also stopped and had a big breakfast enroute so first thing on the agenda was a geezer nap..started moving again just about happy hour, WHEW! don't wanna miss that !! The bonfire was already started, now if the rain will hold off it could be an enjoyable night..We sat outside for awhile but about 8PM the rain started and chased us all inside..Today it started out nice and sunny and the Camp Owner started the wet wood fire with kerosene..Ya See?? we all take this bonfire thing seriously..took a ride at 2PM up the road to shop and hit a flea market (itch,itch,itch) that's been operating for 16 years..very organized stuff (junk) for sale..Heather found a couple nice bracelets that couldn't be passed up..got back to camp and cooked a couple hot diggity dogs over the fire..everyone was worn out from haveing too much fun this week so we all said goodnight to each other and settled in for Sunday eveninng TV..tomorrow starts another week and we all hope it's as nice as this past 7 days...After reading the news about the tornados in Louisiana I'm glad we scooted thru there last week..Hope everyone is warm and snug..REMEMBER, LIVE YOUR DREAMS AS TIME GOES BY QUICKLY..Charlie&Heather

Thursday, March 3, 2011

3-3-11 10:20PM Bay St Louis, MS

I just realized that I'll only be 64 for another 1hr&40minutes (central time)..65th birthday 3-4-11..WOW..time goes by when you're havieng fun !!..We left Magic River Camp at 11:30AM, drove 1/2 hr to Bay St Louis, Hollywood Casino RV Park, and set up, Heather took advantage of the laundry facilities as Magic River CG has none.The plan is to eat at the buffet late, one of our favorites..they've got a selection of seafood and beef  down South food topped by no other..knowing how a big meal catches up with us a good long nap is in order for this evening..then we'll drift over to the casino at 11PM and try our luck for a few hours, the odds always seem better at night, as we've found out when we were here before..this is really "the good life"..we had so many bonfires the past few days it seems strange not haveing one tonite..The weather sure has been cooperateing  this week as it's been high 60's and sunny with nice warm evenings and cool nights..I sat outside last night listening to the sounds coming from the ponds and it started to sprinkle,,it's then I saw and heard two turtles communicating..One said " don't ya just love the sound of rain on your roof" !!! LOL..I have been told that home, in Micxhigan, it's warming all the way up to the 30's...I guess the interpretation of warm is relevent to your location...It's 10:35 right now (central) and I've only got 1hr and 25mins to enjoy being 64...On 3-4-11 I hit the medicare/medicaid age !!! Like I've said before "Time flies when you're having fun"..We're starting to meet people that say they're makeing their slow journey back to home just like us..winter has been great here in the Southern states and is goin by way too fast..Should be back in Michigan sometime in May..depends on the weather and we're watching the price of gas too..getting pretty crazy all over the country..We hope all our friends are cozy and safe..REMEMBER,,LIVE YOUR DREAMS AS TIME GOES BY QUICKLY..Charlie&Heather