Our Travel House

Our Travel House

Friday, November 23, 2012

Letting your meatloaf..Mississippi

Spent some time today daydreaming about what to write about in tonite's blog. I then decided to write about just loafing around. Yeah, we do that once in awhile! Started out this morning coaxing the fire back to life and listening to the birds and squirrels letting us know this is their turf. The camp's ponds are filled with geese and they're fun to watch & listen to as they establish a pecking order. ( or is the chickens ?? )
  We managed to get a few things done over the last few days besides celebrating Thanksgiving. Replaced the foam insert in the couch seat which was a project in time. Spent the last few weeks chasing around this rural area locating and buying the foam and tools ( hog rings and hog ring pliers) & support platform wood. The old foam was plumb wore out. Now we have a nice plop for our bottoms. It's really comfortable for napping too, as we bought "loaded" (waterproof) foam 4" thick. Hog rings are used to attach the upholstery to the frame after it's stretched. We also managed to powerwash our picnic table and the rig. Had to scrub the rig with our "superbrush" as it has been down a few dirty roads. Nice and shiny now.
   Paid up for 4 more days as we plan on "moving on down the road" next Tuesday morning. We'll probably be in the Florida panhandle by Tuesday afternoon. Haven't planned a route or destination yet but it'll be around 200 miles. If we depart at our standard 10AM time we should be recamped  by 2 or 3 PM.
   I bet the camp staff will be glad to say goodbye to us. Kept 'em busy with firewood deliveries :)
  Talked to our friend Carl in Matlacha, FL and found out the new drawbridge is officially open. Told him we're aiming at about December 15th for arrival.Sure looking forward to oceanside.
  Did any of you join in the Black Friday madness ?
  Hope your changeover from Thanksgiving to Christmas plans go smoothly. Just REMEMBER..LIVE YOUR DREAMS AS TIME GOES BY QUICKLY..Charlie & Heather.

Wednesday, November 21, 2012


   This will be our first year of celebrating the Holidays as full timers. It's not the first time away for the holidays. However, it gives us time to reflect on our blessings, especially to be able to do what we do. I've been thinking that we won't be doing large family gatherings at "our house" for at least a few years. It's not that we couldn't put a gathering together but not having a home (stix & bricks) seems rather "different".
   We feel like other fulltime folks. We've got freedom from the "everyday" lifestyle. We're able to "move" in a matter of a few minutes now instead of months. No longer encumbered with "stuff". Home is where our ignition key is. (Can you imagine ?)
  Our neighbors are forever changeing and are constantly being renewed. Meeting up with folks that are well retired, some have travelled for years and some just starting out. The diversity of personalities is amazing! The "hometowns"are from all over the planet, not just from the USA. Just this week we met people from Canada, Alaska, and some Dutch people who were touring the USA in motorhomes. How cool is that?
   All of our gypsy society celebrate the holidays just like back home. The get togethers are fun and the foods are diversified. We just had a Thanksgiving celebration and the friendships and food were terrific. Add to that the warm weather and sun down here in Mississippi and it's enjoyable. Got to sit out at the bonfire til late too.
   Hope everyone has a Great Thanksgiving. We'll be here for another week (?) I think. Jello plans, ya know!!
Be safe...be happy..REMEMBER..LIVE YOUR DREAMS AS TIME GOES BY QUICKLY..Charlie & Heather.

Monday, November 19, 2012

We are VEGGIN' !! Finally recuperating from the Thanksgiving Day feast. Everyone in the Camp and all the Maintenance guys sat down to dinner and Music was provided by "JERRY THE DJ". Saw a lot of smiles and later on listened to the "GEEZERS" talk about full bellies. We fasted for a couple days so we were able to belly up to the tables. It wasn't too long after cleanup when we "napped". Reminded me of the old folks when I was a kid. HEAVENS--I'm becoming one of them !!  (grin)

   Heather decided to go rowing the boat by herself the other day but I snuck up on her with the camera !
  We had the smoker detail and we set up the DJ gear. Everyone brought a bowl to pass and the variety of food was delicious. One of the fun things about camping.
   We've met people from all over the country. Most are snowbirding and some are fulltimers.
   We'll probably be here another week. Making plans on another casino sidetrip. (fun fun fun !!)
   Hope every one of you has a fabulous Thanksgiving. REMEMBER..LIVE YOUR DREAMS AS TIME GOES BY QUICKLY...Charlie & Heather 

Thursday, November 15, 2012

Tick-tock goes the November clock Camp 10 & 10 1/2

Kinda hard to believe it's almost mid-November. I check the Michigan weather report every morning and it chills me. Kinda hard to relate to the 30's when you've missed 3 winters. I now know why so many folks are snowbirds.It's not that there aren't any chilly nights down here in Mississippi but comparatively it's nothing. We might have the furnace kick on about 5AM for a few minutes but that's about it.
   The folks here are buzzing about the Thanksgiving dinner that the park owners put on. We were here a few years ago for it and it was great. Gonna have the party on Saturday. I suppose it'll be as good as always. I may even fire up the DJ show and see if I can entertain these folks.
   You may wonder why I titled this post as I did. It's because we slipped over to Bay St Louis, Ms to the Hollywood Casino full service RV park (Camp # 10 1/2). Had to do some laundry and of course while there we tried our luck at tha casino. Didn't win or lose much but had a couple hours of "commercial free" fun. We played til almost midnight.  
   We're heading back to Magic River this morning so I better get to the headin' on out stuff.
  Hope everyone has a good week. REMEMBER..LIVE YOUR DREAMS AS TIME GOES BY QUICKLY..Charlie & Heather.

Monday, November 5, 2012

Same Camp--different day

It only seems like a few days ago I was waiting for November to roll around. WOW..is time flying while we're having fun !
  We've been enjoying the nice weather here in SW Mississippi, especially when the morning news reading tells me it's only in the low 30's back in Michigan..BBRRRRR!!!
   Magic River Campground, where we're at, has a community firepit complete with a rather large pile of wood supplied for all to use & we've been doin' our best to put a dent in it.. Usually have the fire flaring by 10AM and keep it going till 11PM..Of course that mean lots of hot coals in the morning so we can start all over again. Just love bonfires.
   They've got a rowboat for everyone to use. You'd crack up at the paint job..Complete " JOHN DEERE ", logo and all ! I wonder if that means you can "harvest" a lot of fish ?? Gonna have to give it a try soon. Been noticing a lot of jumping bass on the big pond.
   Our friends, Jerry & Cathy, finished up their cruise and joined us today. Camped right next to us. (Heather guarded that site like a pit bull all week) We managed to get all this weeks arrivals spotted in other sites. All we did was explain to 'em how much nicer the other sites were..(grin)..
   We've managed to get a couple cook-outs this week. Why is it that food cooked outside tastes so much better??
  The weather forcast seems rather repititious..SUN-SUN-SUN and high 70's ...kinda boring, ehhh?
   The plan for tomorrow is to ask maintenence to get more wood and go feed fish. We may have to restock beer too. AAWWWW!
   Hope ya'll have a great week.