Our Travel House

Our Travel House

Friday, January 27, 2012

Fishy, Fishy..where for art thou??..Matlacha,FL

Just realized it been over a week since last blog..don't mean to leave everyone hangin' , but time goes by when you're haveing fun !!..The weather has almost been too good, getting a great tan is part of the fun here..Remember in the last blog I said we'd try to learn about  the methods to fish here? Well, we seem to be doing well in that area..Between fishing on our dock and the bridge and going out on a boat with a new friend, Bruce, we've caught more fish than the law oughta allow!! I guess you never realize how uninformed the yankee mind is til you discover there's fish down here you've never even heard of !! You learn that dolphins love homo sapiens and will follow your boat for hours..We see manateees and their youngins from the bridge on a regular basis and sting ray pods too!! Is that cool or what?? I've learned that our "live" shrimp bait must be aereated or they don't last too long...we've almost got enough ocean trout in the freezer for a fish fry...I met a young fellow on the bridge that seems "mentally challenged" that seems to be the most successful...(so I study his methods)..Our travel friends, Mike & Charlotte, from Illinois,  pulled in last Monday and we've all had a great visit and conversations this week..We are becoming "regulars" at a couple places within walking distance and are enjoying the musical entertainment a few steps away..The manager of the RV park (Sea Isle Resort), Carl, has been so cool and helpful that it makes the visit here extremely comfortable..The owner of the park, Glenn, makes ya feel at home too..everyone here has been very friendly and we're glad we extended our stay for the month !!..I remember the 1st day here..we were told "It's Island Time", now we know what they meant !..Now I suppose I should set up the coffee for the morning and get comfortable for the night..Miss all of you, wish you were here..REMEMBER..LIVE YOUR DREAMS AS TIME GOES BY QUICKLY...Charlie & Heather..

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Still Matlucha,FL

We really love when we find a place worth staying at !!..Extended our stay at Sea Isle Resort on Matchula Island for a month..We're West of N Ft Meyers, FL  and the weather has been staying a steady 70+  even though it's gone down to the 30's in Floridas panhandle..Got just about enough light wind to keep any no-see-ums away and that's all right with us..Got some new habits started, been fishing a lot and found out we have a lot to learn about fishing in Florida..In order to learn how and when, I've been prowling morning, noon & night around the bridge and docks here and asking any fisherman ( oops, I mean ''person) what they are doing, how to bait, how to rig and everyone has a different system,,,HHMMMM  !!..so I guess we'll just take all the suggestions and use them all !!( gonna need a gazillion more rods)..we've been able to see manatees and dolphins and stingrays almost every day..A new bridge is being built right next to the existing one and it's interesting to watch the construction..Found a local pub that has a happy hour and another bar within walking distance with great entertainment..AAWWWW!!..Broke down and bought new rods & reels and new bait bucket and aireator to keep the shrimp bait alive..so far we've caught flaunder, trout, blowfish (wierd), and a few fish we know nothing about..found out none of the Northern people do either !!..I hope we're more knowledgeable in a few weeks..Hope you all are as happy as you can be...Happy Island Time !!  REMEMBER..LIVE YOUR DREAMS AS TIME GOES BY QUICKLY...Charlie & Heather

Monday, January 9, 2012

Matlucha (mat la' shay ) Island..Sea Island Resort

WOW !! it's Monday & we've been here since Thursday..we pulled into this tiny 24 site resort called " Sea Isle Resort & RV ( West of N. Ft Meyers) and couldn't believe how compact it was, didn't know if we'd like it or not, we thought "oh well, it's on the ocean" !! Only booked it for a week to be on the safe side..After meeting everyone and seeing what these folks have here we decided we'd stay awhile as we like the attitude everyone here has--"It's island time " and that would take forever to explain!! Late breakfast hours, lulling in the sun, outdoor BBQ's, fishing all afternoon, walking up the bridge to watch sunsets and late evening or night bridge fishing ( on what the brochures call "the fishingest bridge in the world ) !!..The weather has been indescribably delicious, approaching 80F, sunny, no bugs, no wind, (are we on Hawai?) Got a great little bar/restaurant at the other end of the bridge, that Daniel plays at and recommended, called Berts, & he was right on !!..Everything in this little art community is within walking distance and it's really very art oriented..Been feeding a lot of shrimp to the local fish ever day but haveing a great time dipping lines in the ocean..( It's not called "catching" !!)..I really think we've found a " Garden of Paradise"..I would highly recommed everyone do a vacation in this area ( kinda sound like a salesman don't I)  Hope everyone is as content as we are..miss y'all..REMEMBER, LIVE YOUR DREAMS AS TIME GOES BY QUICKLY.. Charlie & Heather

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Last day at Charlie Creek RV

Just a quick blog to create a memory...Tomorrow is Wednesday already! What a quick week..we went to the park's new years eve party last Sat night and brought in the New Year with all the people here.. They had a DJ and he mixed up the music with a little karaoke. Finger food by everyone made for some good munchies. Had a good time. Got a cold front going thru the area today so it didn't get much warmer than 50F and was windy so we hid inside and spent the day paying bills, watching football (Spartans) and reading blogs..Even though we weren't doing much the day flew by. Decided the happy hour drink of the day would be White Russians (with cookies)..got the feeling the evening will fly by too!! :-) Managed to wash up the rig yesterday and add some polish to it too..Looks good..Got the windows clean too..It always takes more time than we think and it's good exercise. We'll head to Sea Isle RV on Matchula, Pine Island, Fl on Thurs and, from our research, should be able to fish our hearts out. We have a hard time decideing which we like more, the ocean camps or the woodsy camps..Hope everyone has a good year and that the new year's resolutions don't get broken too early in the year!! REMEMBER..LIVE YOUR DREAMS AS TIME GOES BY QUICKLY..Charlie & Heather