Our Travel House

Our Travel House

Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Last Night Camp #23...Magic River CG, Long Beach Ms

 First of May tomorrow, time to move on down the road. Leaving Long Beach, Ms. for Bay St. Louis, Ms. in the A.M.. Just a quick trip West. Next stop at Hollywood Casino R.V. campground. 
   The casino has been a standard stop for us heading South and North but this year we won't be going back to Michigan. Gonna seem strange but we're looking forward to seeing the midwest states.  The research for this summer is never ending. My cheat sheets in our atlas are , hopefully, gonna come in handy. Most of the info comes from other's blogs. The commercial "lookups" are just too damn commercialized. I'd rather read about an area by someone that's been there. Seems that they'd be better informed about what to see and do than some copywriter reading and reporting from a desk.
  Hopefully we'll have our standard good luck at the casino. It'd be nice to have this summer paid for by the casino ! You never can tell, we might even win big!! LOL !! The casino has its own RV Park or you can "boondock" in the parking lots. Gonna have to use the park for at least 1 day to use the laundramat in the RV park. Hoping the buffet still has crab legs available. YUM!! 
   We usually gamble very late at night as we've noticed the odds seem better then! No crowd either!
   It's supposed to be raining over the next few days so we may stay there for awhile....AWWWW!!
   We packed up most of our outside chairs, tables, grill, etc this afternoon so it'll be a simple matter to get on the road in the late morning. Seems to get easier the longer we're doing this. Most pull out mornings take us less than 1/2 hr to prepare for hitting the road. Securing the inside for travel takes as long as the outside stuff. I do outside and Heather does inside and then we "checklist" each other.
   Daydreaming today I realized that we'll have May thru Sept to see 7 or 8 states going North ( Louisiana to N Dakota/ Montana). That's only 20 weeks. About 2 to 3 weeks in each state. Then a swing back Southbound thru Oct/Nov. Wow! I can tell it'll be a fast summer. We're hoping to get thru Minnesota to visit some friends in Sept. So much to do/ So little time.HA HA HA.. :) 
   Here's a question we never hear anymore..."Where ya going on vacation this year? "  I wonder why ???
   I see the weather in North Country is finally starting to turnaround, finally!! Looonngg winter !!
   Hope ya'll stick with our blog thruout the year..we enjoy everyone's comments..

Saturday, April 27, 2013


We're still here in Magic River CG in Long Beach, Ms..More than likely til Wed or Thurs.
   As ya know, we try to chase 75F up and down the USA. So far the plan is working. It was a nice 76F with a slight breeze and sunny yesterday so we went to the beach in Gulfport, just 20 minutes away from camp.

Soaked up some rays and ate breakfast at Waffle House. Not too shabby an afternoon.

   Had our "alarm clocks" wake us up this morning at the usual 7:30 AM.. What a pleasant way to welcome the day.

Very soon after coffee, Heather decided to go fish hunting at the ponds.  Gotta giggle at the picture where she's "hiding" from the fish. Had her eye on a big bass that was watching her bait.

I'll include a few pictures of CAMP. Such a beautiful corner of the USA.

   Hope all our friends and followers are having a great Saturday.


Monday, April 22, 2013

Camp #23 Long Beach Miss--Magic River CG

Up at 0800..coffee..pack up..on the road again at 1130 after handshakes and hugs with our camping buddies. I checked the weather this morning and it looked like a good travel day. Hardly any wind and 70's.
  First stop was for gas..$3.83/g mid grade..$120.
  Only one other stop to stretch in a rest area.
   Arrived in Magic River CG, Long Beach Ms at 1430. One of our favorite stops. We've been coming here for 4 years and still love it, too bad all CG's can't imitate this one. Ponds (with fish!), bonfires, FHU, hot & clean showers. This year they've added wifi and it has a great signal. Verizon phones work well with 5 bars. Close to shopping and a magnificent beach. Smaller campsites and space between them. Not for the bigger rigs though.
   That's something we've been noticeing. Big 35ft+ rigs can't always get into a lot of parks, just no room. Same thing in gas stations and store lots. We run about 42ft with the trailer and sometimes it's tight but we always seem to manage as long as we take our time. Heather usually gets out and guides me carefully.
   Thought I'd throw in a few pictures of today's travels.

I especially like the picture with the light at the end of the tunnel. (Mobile Alabama)

Finally got shopping done and liquid refreshments refurbished. AND......THE BONFIRE STARTED !!!  WOO_HOO !!


Sunday, April 21, 2013

Camp #21 and Camp # 22 Beaver Lake CG(Quincy FL) and Rivers Edge(Holt Fl)

Left Homosassa Fl at 1030AM, drove 135mls to Quincy Fl, stayed the night at Beaver Lake CG next to I-10, checked in at 1:30PM and took off at 10:30AM. A quick, pleasant drive to Holt Fl, about 145mls. Check in at 1:30PM . Only stopped in a rest area for a sandwich. Hardly any traffic and NO wind. YAHOO !!
 Took a few pictures of Camps Camp 21 is  Quincy, Beaver lake CG. Just a field with FHU.
 Camp 22 is River's Edge in Holt Fl.
    Thought I'd throw a fun picture in..Heather has found a way to not have to worry about matching sox...LOL..
   Went about crazy trying to get the satellite dish lined up in Holt..finally settled in at Az 235, angle 43, skew 128
 I coulda sworn that was the first setting I tried..took 1 hr to finalize. DAM* it.

I'm glad the weather and the wind cooperated these last 2 days.
Continueing the journey in the AM, should be at Long Beach Ms. tomorrow afternoon at Magic River CG, one of our favorites. Planning  on a stay of 1 to 2 weeks depending on the weather.

Tuesday, April 16, 2013


  Monday - 4-15-13..0730, the shop guys at Harolds Auto in Spring Hill, Fl  were suprised to see us parked on the lift! They understood my analogy of the wobble. (see last post) & got right to work. As soon as he put the rotor on the lathe the warp was evident. It only required a slight turning and new seals. The brake pads looked fine. By 1000 everything was back together, road tested and off the rack. Back on the road by 1030. YAHOO !!
  Very short 1 hour drive to Homosassa FL..We've been here at the Homosassa RV & Pub Park before. Great place to stop. Got welcomed back by the owners and other campers we've met before. We're parked in the same spot as last November too. This place is nestled in trees and Spanish moss. Canal has a marina and occasionally manatee & dolphins visit. We even saw a baby alligator from the pub deck.
   We stopped in at Advanced Auto to purchase tune-up parts, they didn't have spark plug wires so they ordered some. Gonna be a day or so and they'll deliver them to us. Since we aren't in a rush that's okay. That's the great thing about no agendas or appointments or future reservations.
   Beautiful sunny weather today with 87F. Supposed to be near 90F and sunny all week. Got a feeling the AC is gonna get a workout.
   The first thing I did when we hooked up was found no power at the plug. They've done some rewiring at the park recently and obviously forgot to hook up this plug. Had the wrong plug and other issues so Gary, the owner, ran to get proper parts and I changed it out for him (& us)..took a whole hour! Good to go.
He said today is free. Aren't RVers great?
   It's time to unwind as sitting in the repair shop wasn't conducive to camping!! LOL !
   We really don't mind these little inconveniences. You'd have 'em in a stix & bricks too! In fact, probably a lot more and much more expensive. Tis life for a fulltimer. I always say it's my guide, St Christopher, patron saint of travelers, that's making sure we're in the right place at the right time for repairs by the right mechanic. 

Saturday, April 13, 2013

We're fixed-No we're not--fixed--not yet--fixed--Oh No Not Again !!

   Last  Tuesday afternoon we pulled into Spring Hill Florida and stopped into Harolds Auto shop for some needed repairs. Saved money all winter as I figured we'd be spending some moola here.
  First was having a new brake master cylinder installed as we had a small leak. Second was getting a exhaust manifold gasket replaced again due to a slight leak. The right muffler was lookin bad so I said replace it and while your at it fix the front exhaust pipes too. Been havin' issues with those connections lately.  Sounds like an easy fix ehh? ha ha ha ha !!
   The master cylinder went fairly easy. The manifold gasket was even easier. Back on the road Friday afternoon.Rack camping isn't too bad as they let us plug in and have a water hose and bathrooms to use.  
  About 4 miles out of town we stopped at a red light. Immediately I noticed a hard pull to the right. Only a mile further we smelled something burning. Pulled over and the right front wheel was smoking. oh-oh!! Our shop mechanic came out and found the right wheel caliper was froze up. Apparently the high pressure from the new master cylinder had created an unforseen problem. This "classic" 1984 motorhome didn't know what to do with proper blood pressure!!  He released the pressure with the bleeder valve and determined the brake hose had collapsed so he pinched it off with a small vice grip and we drove back to the shop slowly, emergency flashers ablinkin' with him following. Back on the rack. Getting the parts was a slow process but the guys worked overtime to get 'er done. Too late in the day and way too windy to hit the road so we stayed the night again. AWWW Geee!! Gotta go across the street again to Happy Hour and evening music!! (grin!)
   Saturday morning, on the road again, 7 miles out, noticed at 55MPH, when braking, we got a wobble..OH-OH..I'm aguessing the rotor warped from heating up. What to do??? The shop isn't open on weekends. Decided to turn around and park on the rack and just wait til Monday. AWW GEE!! Gonna have to put up with 2 more days of happy Hours and music !! We also found a restaurant 2 blocks North that has great breakfasts.
  At least the weather has been good. Have had to run the genny so we can use the AC. The shop only has a 20 amp circuit and we draw 24 amps. Their plug is okay at night though so we can use our computers and charge the phones.
  Got a call from my daughter, Shannon, and had a very uplifting conversation. I sure do love talking to her. Also talked to my son, Scott, been awhile and that's always a highlight of a day. Hopeing to see him this summer. He's a motorhomer too.
  Been kickin' the idea of doing Sturgis this year. Have any of our readers been there? Looking for suggestions.
 Okay!! Enough blah blah blah.....


Friday, April 5, 2013


Well, there's been a change of plans ! We were going to move North on April 1st but I broke a tooth eating licorice. So, now we're going to stick around to get that taken care of. Good thing plans are written in Jello.
   I use Delta Dental Insurance so I checked for participateing Dentists down here in the Ft Meyers area. I was suprised to learn there's a lot. Found one very close by so I made an appointment.I'm not in any pain and got an appointment for Tuesday, about a 5 day wait.
   I got that over with and decided to stick around a few more days just in case there are any complications.
   We took the tool trailer over to our storage spot and rearranged what stays and what goes with us. Looks like a lot will be staying in storage and we'll have room to put a scooter or golf cart in the trailer.
   We have managed to get the patio cleaned up and have stored most everything for travel. Now it's just a waiting game.
   Some of our fellow blogger friends and snowbirds have started their Northern trek and have run into some really nasty weather. We were home in Michigan last May 5th and had an inch of snow and freezeing temps the next morning. Seems like April is too early to head North. It's be more practical to stay til May. Another advantage is that most RV Park rates go down in April and May. We've noticed that the gas rates go down too.
   The daydream list is growing for our summer plans. So many places to see and so little time..
   Hope winter is over soon and that everyone has a safe and fun summer.