Our Travel House

Our Travel House

Saturday, May 5, 2012

5-5-12 Lansing Mi MSU Cottonwood Campground

Today's blog hasn't much to do with our normal travels ( did I just say "normal" about us ?)  We headed to Lansing Mi for my daughter's, Shannon, graduation. Boy, does 5 years go by quickly ! She  has been a social science student and along with 1400 students she walked ( the plank??)..I was suprised to find tears of joy flowing from me..You other parents out there know what I mean..I'm so proud of her determination and hard work..We  all went to lunch after the ceremony. I really like her boyfriend, Darrel, as he's always kind, polite, and considerate and thinking ahead.
  We make a stop in Mt Pleasant whenever we go to Lansing, time permitting, and stay at  the  campground of Soaring Eagle Casino. It's a great deal at $18 with elect & water. Nice woodsy setting and a shuttle bus to the casino..Stopped Southbound & got lucky and for a change walked away with some of their money to the tune of +$200..WOO-HOO !! Gonna stop on the way back home and try our luck again.
   Another fun stop in Lansing was Harbor Freight Tools. Bought a new air compressor. It's a great store to wander around in. (FOR GUYS mainly)..
  Gotta get back to selling stuff this week so we can get our fulltime adventure rolling..Gonna be a lot of work !
Hope all of you are enjoying the approach of summer. REMEMBER, LIVE YOUR DREAMS AS TIME GOES BY QUICKLY....Charlie & Heather

Thursday, May 3, 2012


We've been reading a lot of blogs for 3 years and now find ourselves in the same situation that other travelers have been in. Having made up our minds to go fulltime this coming October we are positioning our lives to do without a stix & bricks home. This requires a lot of selling and distribution of the wealth of "stuff" that's tucked into every nook and cranny of our place. It's an amazing load of things. Seems that, we too, like most folks, have had a philosophy " if there's a space, let's fill it", LOL.
We've listed quite a few ads on Craigslist and on our local radio stations Swap Shop. It's been amazing how busy this had made our lives. Kinda reminds me of W  O  R  K !  (that thing we used to do!) Got quite a storm going on this early morning. So bad it got me up at 4AM . Traveling today, heading to Lansing for the weekend to watch my daughter graduate from MSU. Gonna hit Mt Pleasant Casino enrt..You never know, might strike it rich!. Should be back Monday to continue the purge. It's supposed to rain for the next few days so we wouldn't get much done..Glad for the break too. We are looking forward to getting on the road again.. REMEMBER, LIVE YOUR DREAMS, AS LIFE GOES BY QUICKLY..Charlie & Heather