Our Travel House

Our Travel House

Tuesday, June 24, 2014

6-24-14 Hudson Ill, Comlara County Park. Camp #95

6-24-14 We had a nice morning coffee hour and broke camp at 1100. Headin' North again and somewhat West to avoid Chicago mayhem.

16W to 57N to 74W to 39N. Stopped for 1 night at Hudson, Ill. At Comlara County Park. 50/30 Electric only for $24/night. Very nice park right on the water. Lots of space and very well laid out.

I had expected to be driving in rain all day, per the weather guessers, but we only had a bit for the first ½ hr and we drove out of it for the most part. Only had a few light sprinkles til we recamped. No wind today made for a relaxed trip. Put another 140 miles behind us.

Hoping to hit the South Wisconsin border tomorrow.

I've been watching the weather behind us and I'm glad we're this far North as the rain and storms have been relentless further South. Kinda odd for June, as that kind of weather is usually in May.

Some friends have been warning us about the flies & mosquitos infestation in Michigan's U.P.. Guess I'll have to research mixing up a batch of super spray ! I've formulated some great bug sprays in the past. I hate pests. Makes us itch just thinkin' about 'em ! Michiganders all joke about making the mosquito the state bird. LOL ! No joking matter about Lyme disease or West Nile virus.

Gotta fill the H2O tank. Almost ran out this A.M but it was raining so I put off filling up. Got a campsite right next to a water spigot, on purpose, so I'll only need a short hose to “get r done” !

I think I've been negativally influenced by some of the blogs I read. ( please notice, Billie Bob) Bought a “Jack” antenna a few months ago and have been hemmin' & hawwin' the installation. I started by running all the wires (coax) to both tvs and then the power wires were installed. Got everything prepped except drilling the holes in the roof and mounting the antenna. This antenna is supposed to be the newest and greatest for receiving the newer UHF signals for free, over the air. I've talked to a few people that have them and they really have gotten good results using it. Ya'd think I woulda finished up the install by now but.........must be getting old !!! May get r done when we're camped at Lake Gogebic in Mich next week..I sure hate drilling holes in the roof.


Charlie & Heather

Sunday, June 22, 2014

Mid Illinois and nice visit .Camp #94

6/20/14 Pulled outa camp at 1000hrs. Short drive today from Shelbyville to Marshall Illinois. A whole 70 miles! Oh, the pressure, the pressure !! ha ha ha ha !

Had a bit of overcast skies to the North and had about 20 minutes of mist enrt.. Had to run the wipers a few times. Nice country roads and a lot of corn. It's way more than knee high. By the time the mist stopped the roads were dry. 85F.

We did a little shopping at Wally World enrt. Wanted to stop for breakfast but never found a parking lot big enough for our 43ft rig. So I loaded up some stuff to cook breakfast tomorrow.

Pulled into Mill Creek Park and set up. Is it beer time yet?? HMMMM!! Only electric here but a water spigot is within reach and they have a dump. Nice Park, again.

Our friends Mike & Charlotte live 22 miles NE of here and we're all getting together over the weekend. It's been 2 years since we all were together and we're looking forward to seeing them.

Since it's Friday we had the usual amusement of watching the weekenders setting up. I wonder if any of them ever practice backing up??? It's hilarious watching the LOVE !! I always feel sorry for the kids watching mom & dad loosing their cool. You can see the kids cowering! Same antics at a boat launch.

As usual, the afternoon got so hot we had the AC on and just hid out. Usually about 5PM it's okay to go out. I even put off setting up the sat dish til later. Ya know, the beer gets too warm too quick !!

6-22-14 Visited our friends in Vermilion, Ill. And camped in their yard last night. We all went to Bocum(?) and listened to a blues band. Had a tasty breakfast and lots of gabbin' . We're back at our Mill Creek camp tonite. Gonna just veg out tomorrow and head further North Tuesday A.M.. Manuevering West around the Chicago traffic. Hope to be in Wisconsin at week's end.

Gotta start thinking about reservations during the 4th of July weekend. Somewhere..hmmmmm


Charlie & Heather

Thursday, June 19, 2014

Camps 90 to 93 Illinois. 6-3 to 6-19 Northbound !!

Today is the day I start taking other blogger's advice.

I had a nice long, detailed blog just about done a few days ago and when I was finishing it up it magically disappeared ! Ya gotta love blogger! Been so upset I have just stewed on it for awhile. Billie Bob's blog  ( http://billybobsplace.blogspot.com/ ) says he's had problems like this in the past.

So now I'll write these as a text doc in Open Office and cut and paste them to the blog. I'm hoping this works!

Since the last blog we've been on the move, slowly, North. Had to pause a few times due to the weather, mainly wind. I don't like wind!

Doesn't seem possible that my last post was June 3rd. Time flies.

Camp 90 was Isle of Capri Casino in Mississippi. They have an RV Park with FHU's just outside the Casino for $16/night. We had some good luck there too!

Camp 91 was Fort Massac State Park in Metropolis,Ill ( home of Superman Museum). We were just North of Paducha, Ky.. Heather's 2 sons & D.I.L. live in Paducha and visited both days. We had cookouts both days.

Camp 92 in South Marcum in Benton, Ill. started our adventures in COE (Corps of Engineer) Parks. We really love COE camping. These parks never disappoint us. They're clean and usually rural and with my senior discount very affordable. Rates run $8 to $12 depending on hook ups available. The 50% discount is great.

Camp 93, where we are at the moment, is Coon Creek COE in Shelbyville, Ill. Nice woodsy, well spaced and FHU, the restrooms are spotless. Most COE's are around large water projects so there's usually fishing and boating available. A lot of campsites are right on the water's edge and the views are great. Had some deer walk right thru the CG last night.

Tomorrow, weather permitting, we'll be headed to Vermillion, Ill. to visit a camping friends of ours. They visited our Houghton Lake place in their MH so we're returning a visit.

The heat so far this summer has been a lot hotter, a lot earlier, than normal. Our AC has been getting a real workout. We lucked out here as we've got some shade.


Charlie & Heather

Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Camps 87 & 88 & 89 Justa cruisin' thru Ms. 5/31 to 6/3

 A couple nights in Hollywood Casino RV Park and some good luck gambling made for a nice stop. We also had the buffet. I sure do enjoy the senior discounts. We did notice that the quality of the buffet seems to diminish each year. Been coming here for 4 years and the food is no where near as good as it used to be. Probably another bean counter directing the choices.  We managed to walk away with some extra "moola" both nights. Didn't get rich but not complaining. Nice way to dust off a couple rainy days.
  We pulled out of there and did a resupply at Wally World, topped off the LP gas, gassed up and other stocking up and headed West on I-10 to I-12 in Louisisana and North to stay at Percy Quinn State Park near McComb, Ms. Only 1 quick night and then to Port Gibson, Ms. to do a 2 nighter at Grand Gulf Military Monument State Park. 
   Grand Gulf has a museum and a fort for touring and the weather even stayed decent so far. Very nice park. Excellent landscaping. Our phone and Internet service is very slow here but the sat dish works fine. I hope I can get this blog posted tonite. Mississippi State Parks give a nice discount to those over 60. Sure wish other states would.
  I had to work on the windshield wiper on the drivers side. It wasn't sweeping the proper area and all it needed was a slight adjustment to get it straightened up. It bugs me after completely rebuilding them last year !
  It's pretty muggy and about 85F tonite but the AC is fixin' that. Doesn't it seem a little early in the season to be getting so warm?
 Charlie & Heather