Our Travel House

Our Travel House

Monday, March 24, 2014

Wintering 2014

   We've been sittin' on our island in SW Florida since November.
How do we do that? It's easy when there's so many things to enjoy!
   There's been music, lots of it. We have choices within walking distance. Let's see, Blues?, Rock?, Covers?, 60's?, 70's?, inside or outside?
   How about eats for those days ya don't feel like cooking? Yep, got that too! Fresh seafood either off a boat or fresh caught, never frozen. That's close by too!
   Got a great little market a few minutes down the road that has fresh veggies and fruits, most grown locally.
   All our other supplies are usually purchased at a local WinnDixie which is 10 minutes away. It's kinda off the beaten path and it sure beats the big box stores !
   As usual we've had a lot of cookouts. We even managed to get a portable bonfire pit so we've had fires on nice nights. Just like back home but not sooo big!
   The new drawbridge opened last summer and the construction noise we put up with last winter is gone so it's been back to the normal quiet. ( We DON'T miss the beep-beep-beep).
   Heather & I could settle down here on the island if'n we had a mind to. Not ready for that yet, though!!
 Our good friends Carl, Todd, Paul , Dennis, Ken & Marie, Terry & Ginger, Bruce & Marcy, Don & Karen, Archie, Bear, etc. have all been part of the fun as usual. Been using the smoker a lot. The beer tab has been uh, uh, umm, considerable.  LOL
  We're planning on leaving in late April. Going to do a Great Lakes Tour this summer. We may even get to Niagra Falls. Will probably spend a few weeks in Houghton Lake so we can renew our licenses and visit with friends. We'll be ziggy zaggin' all around Michigan so we should be able to see everyone there. We already have several people to visit with on the Northbound trip.
   I'll only be posting a blog occasionally until we get moving again, so keep checking once in awhile.

Good Heavens..got my blogger site working again !! YAHOO !!

  After what I think is 2 months, my Blogger page is working again !!
   I've been trying every few days to get my "dashboard" to work correctly. The little " pencil" thingy icon wasn't showing up and ya gotta have it to create a new blog update. Did all the usual suggestions (reset PW, etc) and got in touch with other bloggers for help but alas, it wouldn't work. I saw a lot of complaints on the blogger forum saying others had the same problem. Sent emails to the "Blogger" folks too.
  So this morning I fired up Blogger Dashboard, tried signing in, got told my password was no good, clicked on forgot password and got a code sent to my phone and I used the code to get to "reset password" , did so and VIOLA.....IT WORKS AGAIN.
   We are still in Florida on Matlacha Island..so the stories shall continue. ( I had just about given up.)