Our Travel House

Our Travel House

Sunday, April 29, 2012


We've been home about a month now and we're already itchin' to take off again..Gonna sell, sell, sell this summer. Looking for a bit bigger motorhome so we can fulltime for a couple of years. We've decided to make Florida our home base after researching the expenses. We think we can homebase in Florida and travel from there in the summer. Got kids in the mid-West to see in the summer. Been sticking ads on Craigslist and probably will contact an auctioneer to get rid of our stix & bricks stuff. (or get a dumpster)..Gonna donate a lot too!. The "PLAN" is to not have anything in Michigan to demand our attention..We have Plan#1,Plan#2 and Plan#3..depends on what's left after the selling spree..The whole month of April, in Michigan, has been rather chilly..totally sucks..We keep refering to Matlacha,FL weather and it's stayed in the 80's..wanna be there!!..Sure hope my daughter decides to move to Florida after graduation from MSU..that would be a +..WE MISS FLORIDA--can u tell ??

Friday, April 6, 2012

Mad Dash Home--End of winter--BOOOO!!

I know it's been awhile since we blogged..We moved rather quickly Northbound to skip the storms we saw coming and took advantage of a 4 day good weather window..Only planned on 200 mile moves thru our Northern Migration..Stopped at Suwanee CG, Fair Harbor CG ( Perry GA), Volunteer Park CG, Renfro Valley CG, and slowed down in Celina Ohio, Mercer County CG.. Saw the movie Hunger Games There..It was really good..( 6 moves X 200 miles) drifted up to Chipwa CG in Mt Pleasant by the Soaring Eagle casino..didn't win much but lost less..Got up at 7AM, went gambling and pulled outa town by 11AM..arrived home in Houghton Lake MI on Monday 4-2-12 about 2PM..Opened up the house and went to our local favorite pub, Back Door Saloon, and enjoyed the welcome home hugs...whoooo..busy, busy..but no bad weather driving..(been there, done that !!) We've been cleaning and polishing and washing ever since..really ready for a bonfire and kick back time..the water heater and kitchen sink needed some overhauls but outside of that all is well..We're seriously considering going fulltime motorhoming..lot's of planning needed to do this..There probably won't be a lot of blogs til we get the summer over with but I will blog if I get enough requests..Hope the weather gets warmer quicker..REMEMBER..LIVE YOUR DREAMS AS TIME GOES BY QUICKLY....Charlie & Heather