Our Travel House

Our Travel House

Sunday, October 28, 2012

10-28-12 Camp #10 Long Beach, Ms.

Pulled into Camp #10 at Longbeach, Ms Magic River CG 0n Fri 10-26..
   We've been here each year since we started our motorhome lifestyle. We always feel happy here. It's owned by the Family that started Passport America Travel Club. Now these folks know what you like. Clean, quiet,good hot showers and a community firepit area. There's always a huge pile of firewood. A big plus is it's a full hookup park too! Not too far away are shopping places, eateries and a great flea market. The ocean is only 3 miles South with a knockout white sand beach.
   Our good friends, Jerry and Cathy, are gonna join us in a week after their cruise. They've got their rig stashed just East of us for the week.
   We'll probably camp here for a few weeks. Good place to just veg. There's 2 huge ponds here and I bet we get some good fishing hours in. The last time we were here, Heather skunked me so I got some catching up to do :)
   Yesterday the weather took a hit due to the storm on the East coast. Got a little windy and the temps took about a 20 degree dive. Had to put a long sleeved shirt on. ( AWWWW)
  Starting to look at the maps so we can decide which route we'll take along the Gulf Coast enrt to South Florida. No rush on that though!
   Hope ya'll are comfy wherever you're at. REMEMBER, LIVE YOUR DREAMS AS TIME GOES BY QUICKLY....Charlie &  Heather

10/24/12 Wiggins,Ms Lake Away RV Park Camp #9

Been at Camp #9 in Wiggins, Ms since yesterday afternoon. Met up with our friends,Cathy & Jerry, for a 3 day layover. Got lucky to have side by side sites overlooking the Large Pond (lake??)
   The weather yesterday & today has been fabulous. We decided to fire up our smoker early and smoke some pork loin,steak and veggies. By 11AM the feast was cooking. 4 hours later we sat down to dinner. YUMMY !!
  I suddenly started a craving today--Ice Cream--guess we'll have to take a walk down the road to the little country store in the morning to see if I can fix the crave !!
   Hope everyone has a great day, REMEMBER, LIVE YOUR DREAMS AS TIME GOES BY QUICKLY... Charlie & Heather

Monday, October 22, 2012

Preparing for a move from Hattiesburg, Ms

One of the main differences of preparing for a travelling day while living this gypsy lifestyle vs going on a vacation is that it's more laid back. Being that there's no time factor involved it's easy to change your mind at any time. That's why we don't make reservations! Weather, wind or maybe just our mood for the day will affect our morning plans. Sure is different than the days which revolved around work and children committments.This is why all of the fulltimers say their plans are written in jello.
   In the morning we'll start the packup after coffee hour and take a liesurely drive just 35 miles South to Wiggins,MS to meet up with our friends, Jerry & Cathy, for a few days. It usually takes us about an hour or less to get ready to go. Dump, store the sat dish, power cord and water hose put away & secure the inside stuff. Heather & I have this down to a science. It'll be nice to see new territory.
   The next park is a Passsport America park at $10/day. That club saves us a fortune thruout the year.
    This park we're leaveing, Okatoma RV Park, is very comfortable and we highly recommend it. Just North of Hattiesburg, Ms. We've had fun feeding the ducks and I think they've gotten used to happy hour. Even had them eating out of our hands!
   Talk to y'all from the next Camp.  REMEMBER..LIVE YOUR DREAMS AS TIME GOES BY QUICKLY..Charlie & Heather

Saturday, October 20, 2012

From Camp#8 The First Three Weeks of Winter 2012

Well, after such a busy summer, we finally made themove out of the house Sept 28,2012..seemed strange pulling out of the yard knowing it'd be the last time we called it home. Now  we're homeless!
   Camp#1 Back Door Saloon for a couple days
   Camp#2 Our friend's, Jerry & Terra, place. 9 days..got a lotof incidentals done to the motorhome.
  Camp#3 Elkhart Indiana,Elkhart Campground. Toured MH/RV Hall of Fame Museum. Fun to see how people have travelled in the past.
   Camp#4 Redford,KY.Free Spirit Campground. Nestled in the trees.
   Camp#5 Paduca, KY..Got to see Josh & Jon at our RV Park.Victory RV Park
   Camp#6 Meeman-Shelby State Park in Kentucky
   Camp#7  Lefluer State Park in the City of Jackson, Mississippi. First time we've seen a State Park within city limits. Nice !!
   Camp#8 Okatoma RV Park North of Hattiesburg, Ms. Been here a few time before, one of our favorites.
  That'll catch up where we've been since Sept 28th..It's good to be in the warmth again. Temps down here are 70+day and 50 night. Now I'll quit worrying about the lack of longjohns! We got lucky weatherwise as we only had 1 day of wind and a few nights of rain all the way down here.
   Hope everyone is as ready for winter as we are!! REMEMBER, LIVE YOUR DREAMS AS TIME GOES BY QUICKLY! Charlie & Heather 

Friday, October 12, 2012

Camp#3 Elkhart Indiana, Elkhart Campground

Well, we've been in Elkhart 3 days now. We noticed our MPG enrt from home was lower than normal and the brakes didn't 'feel' right. I found the left rear wheel hub was running warm so upon further investigation discovered the Emergency brake cable to that wheel seemed pretty tight. Since we had to change the front part of the of the 4 piece cable sytem last week I guessed it was more of the same. It seems that the parts of the cable "in a shroud" have a rubber type coating on them and have failed, thereby binding their release. So we found a truck repair place, Hill Truck repair, and had an 8AM appt to get 'er fixed. Yesterday we ordered and picked up the parts at 7:30 AM today to save time. They were done with the repair at 10:30AM  and we're back on the road. Yesterday we toured the RV/MH Hall of Fame Museum. Great job by a lot of dedicated people to preserve a bit of history. Amazing how people camped over the last century.
    We are prepareing for travel tomorrow. I aired up all the MH and trailer tires. We checked all the lug nut tightness (Heather even tried her luck & muscles with the " BIG BOY " truck tire lug wrench---UGH- UGH ). H2O freshened. LP gas filled. Extra gear stored and secured. All we have to do in the morning is disconnect water, cable and electric and dump the tanks. We'll be good to go for several days. Hopeing to get thru most of Indiana tomorrow. Saturday traffic is usually lighter than weekdays as there are no school buses or commuter traffic and it's supposed to rain a little which will cut the traffic even more.
   Heard from our friends Jerry & Cathy in Mississippi. Gonna eventually meet up with them in Southern Mississippi. I see it's 78F down there :) !!
    Did I tell ya it "SLEETED" on us in Houghton Lake, Mi before we departed? How much more encouragement did we need to vamoos ??
   Hope ya'll have a great, happy and safe week! REMEMBER...LIVE YOUR DREAMS AS TIME GOES BY QUICKLY...Charlie & Heather

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Moods & emotions of takeoff day. 2012

After a great 10 days at Jerry & Terra's house, moochdocking, we had an unusually restful sleep and got our butts moving to meet up with a few friends for breakfast at 8:45AM by Terra at Dora's back Door Saloon in Houghton Lake, Mich..Thanx to all our friends for joining us !!
Had a tearfull goodbye by 10AM and got on the road headed to Elkhart,Indiana. The wind was very gusty and aggavated the hell out of me but we made it by 5PM. (Just in time for Happy Hour!! by the way!!)Had a few construction zones and took a few "stretch" breaks but overall not a bad travel day!!
   We are stopped at Elkhart Campground. It's a few dollars over our allowed budget but it's full hookups and very nice. Tomorrow we'll see the RV Hall of Fame that's been on the bucket list for awhile.This museum starts out with a Conestego Wagon (covered wagon) and progresses to our modern day RV's.You can see highlights of it if you look up "Elhart Indiana RV Hall of Fame".
I'm right back into my old habit of reading travel blogs for inspiration again. Most of them I get are from  http://www.hitchitch.com and I highly recommend this site for reading enjoyment and research if you're even tempted to follow the lifestyle or for retirement !!
    Hope ya'll have a safe & fun winter..REMEMBER..LIVE YOUR DREAMS AS TIME GOES BY QUICKLY! Charlie & Heather

Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Last night in Michigan?? 2012 CAMP #2

9:30 P.M.  CAMP #2 Gonna settle in very soon tonite. We've thoroughly enjoyed  "moochdocking" at our friend's house (Jerry & Terra) and got a lot of little left over prep projects done the last 10 days. Had a last minute repair as I noticed that our rear running lights weren't working this morning. After I spent a few hours trouble shooting them to no avail, my buddy Jerry dove into the problem and within an hour found the problem (broken splice joint) and had it repaired. YAHOO!!.How do things break themselves like that??
   Starting the day tomorrow with a "Terra made" breakfast at the Back Door Saloon with a few friends and get on the road immediately afterwards.
      Gonna try to drive straight thru to Elkhart, Ind. tomorrow,about 260mls. If we want to, we may stop sooner  
     It's gonna feel sad to leave but good to get going on this adventure. Should be some scenic driving out of Michigan as the fall colors are in their full glory. I guess a few freezeing nights will do that. Had a few 27F nights lately.
   We will probably post more often as we travel as we have in the past.
  Hope your winter is fun and healthy. REMEMBER, LiVE YOUR DREAMS AS TIME GOES BY QUICKLY..Charlie & Heather.