Our Travel House

Our Travel House

Sunday, December 20, 2015


I know it's been awhile since my last blog but I think that's normal when us bloggers finally settle in somewhere. I miss blogging but my plan is to only occasionally write one. We signed a 2 year lease on our place on Matlacha Island, Fl. And put our motorhome in storage. If we start to travel again my blogging will probably increase again.
Ms. Heather and I are quite content to be planted again. We do miss traveling but our decision to sit awhile has been good. Matlacha Island is a great place to be. We, of course, have made a lot of friends here after snowbirding for 5 years.
We found out that the weather is very hot in the summer til about the end of October. Did a lot of AC, like the locals. November brings a break in hot and starts to get comfortable again. We used to get here in late November so this year has been a learning curve.
We've slid in to “Island Time” in a big way. Music, seafood, and other ways to while away the time. Our weeks slide by effortlessly.
We put on a karaoke party Monday evenings at home, Tuesday's we play Bingo. ( unlike most bingo's this one is FREE, free is good) , Wednesday's we go play pool with some friends. FREE. Thursday evening our favorite band, The Hipnauticals, entertain us, ( No commercials) The weekends are a mix of diversified island things, never the same !
Being land based has inspired our culinary skills. I've been getting creative and started baking again. It's great having a full sized kitchen again. I do have to get in a lot of walking to make up for the extra calories though !!
The holiday season on Matlacha Island, Florida is a mixture of fun. A few fund raisers, like most communities and everyone is preparing for “Season”. It's usually about the second week of January when the license plate colors changeover to reflect the mass migration of folks from Northern States. I regularly will go sit out front and check out the plates on the vehicles. I can see the broad mix of states enjoying the area. Most of the businesses have the next 90 days to make it or break it. Like our previous domicile, Houghton Lake, Michigan, they have a majority of their yearly income generated during the season.
Ms Heather has plans to expand her custom jewelry business this winter. It's good to see her excited about it. She will be getting more exposure of her craft at a local market. It will probably require a few hours every weekend to set up and teardown but it's worthwhile to generate a few $$$ !
Right after the holidays we're planning on a good scrubdown and wax job on the motorhome in storage. I was out there checking on it and it's dirty. I go there every few weeks and fire up the motor and generator to ensure its health. Hoping to get a couple short camping trips in, this winter, too !
We still don't miss winter at all !
May all our family and readers have Happy and Holy and safe
holidays !
Charlie & Heather and Rolling Earthquake .


  1. Glad to see you posted again. If you read my blog posting, you would know that I have decided to sell my RV. I haven't used it this year, so why not. I may change my mind.

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