Our Travel House

Our Travel House

Friday, July 24, 2015

7-23-15 Beginning life off the road !!


Have you ever had a major re-direction in your life ? We have !! Several years ago we decided to hit the road and see the USA in a motorhome, that led to writing a blog and that became a semi daily high point of the day for me ! I thought it'd be a great way for our families and friends to see what we were doing. 28 States and 100k miles later we have decided to settle down again.
We had been talking about stopping our gypsy travels last spring but we thought we'd do that this coming winter. We kinda put some feelers out for a place to settle down on Matlacha Island, Fl. as we both love it. As luck would have it a nice place showed up and we both loved it. If we tried to get a place like this at the beginning of “ season “ it wouldn't happen !! So we flipped our “ jello “ coin and grabbed it !

The past 1 ½ weeks we've been “ moving “ out of the motorhome and into our new place. It's amazing how much stuff we had in the motorhome and trailer. I guess none of us pay much attention to our collection of stuff. We really didn't find anything we don't use but there was a lot of it ! Ha ha ha ! One of our concerns was our “ Kitty “, Mama Cat, that has adopted us. She's pretty headstrong and is an inside/outside cat. We're wondering what she'll do ???
Our new residence gives us about 416 square feet more space to survive in. Now that's not a lot but it's nice to have a little more room. Our MH was 28 x 8 ( 224 sq ft )and the new place is 40 x 16.( 640 sq ft ) Hmmmm !! Kinda like the old days ! We also aquired a 21 ft boat with it.

Since I had a boat for 20 some years up in Michigan I'm looking forward to being on the water again. We're on a canal front and on Matlacha Island, Fl. which is a spot we both love. We have made many friends here in the last 5 years so we feel at home.
I've been finding the hot weather here is something to contend with. AC seems to be the answer every afternoon. I suppose we'll get used to it as time goes on. I do know I'm never gonna do winter again.
Ms Heather has been grinning ever since we decided to do this ! I'm grinning because I was getting tired of driving every week. It's nice we're both so happy !
Now, we've got a motorhome and trailer to sell. Hope they go to a good home. We have a lot of adjustments to go thru. I still try to flush with a foot pedal and feel bit awkward not having to dump tanks !! We are finally able to pass by each other without any scootching !!

I suppose we'll have to changeover to being Florida residents now ! Of course there's advantages and disadvantages to that. I totally find all that cr** to be a pain in the a** to do, but necessary. Would be nice to be declared a USA retired resident with a national license for driving, CCW, voters card, etc. !!
Ms. Heather has solved the kitty dilemma. She put her in a carrier and hauled her over to our new place. She's been here for a week now and seems to enjoy the AC as much as I do. Of course we had to get all the necessary cat stuff and she has totally adapted to inside living so far !! The silly kitty seems to have a grin on her face too. ( We did find her sleeping up on the motorhome motor while we were gone and didn't wander to far away from her “ big box “. I guess she missed us !! Awwwww !!! She's even been joining me for nap hour.

We having an open house party tomorrow, Saturday for our old neighbors and the new ones. Hoping the weather cooperates.
I may/may not continue the blog. What do you think ??
Charlie & Heather


  1. Keep blogging, your readers would appreciate it and we like to hear what is going on in your world. I have a 39 foot diesel pusher and haven't had it out on a road trip for over a year. Need to change that.

  2. If you're doing something fun or interesting, please keep us posted.

    Congratulations on your new place!

    1. decisions, decisions !! thanx for the note !!

  3. I've not commented before on your blogs but I have been flowing your story for maybe 2+years now. The reason for my comment now is that I hope someday to follow a similar path in retirement and I am interested in your transom from a mobile life back to a permanent address. So I hope that you can keep blogging for awhile.
    Thanks for sharing your story.

    1. I'll keep it going for awhile. Thanx for following and for the comment !!

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