Our Travel House

Our Travel House

Friday, July 10, 2015

7-1 thru 7-10-15 big changes !!


Ms. Heather & June's painting project is just about done. June's house looks real good. They've managed to get the bright yellow paint on them pretty well too ! ( & the ladder )

Got a call from my skin clinic that the biopsies they did a week ago require the spots on my lip & back be removed with a MOHS procedure. Got an appointment for July 6th, early, to get that done. Kinda sounds like we may be here for a few days more. We were gonna take off that day.
We removed our 2 seat cushions from the table seats and had them reupholstered. Found a lady on Pine Island that was reasonably priced. We had pull the chairs and flip them to remove a few dozen hog ring fasteners. The only worn fabric was the seat cushions. She did a nice job and revamped them to be drop in cushions. She added zippers to them, we can flip them now and if needed they're washable. Much better setup ! Total cost was $160.
The humidity has dropped a bit, making the heat bearable. It still gets up to 90F every afternoon.
I'm thinking we'll get some fireworks for the 4th . Haven't done that in awhile! We'll join a lot of other folks by the drawbridge and celebrate ! A park party is in the makings too !
We had a great party on the docks Saturday. The food was yummy. We pounded fireworks for over an hour. The fireworks I bought were fantastic. I think my friend, Carl, had more fun than I did. We were like a couple of kids again !!

WOW !! Change is in the air !! A BIG twist in the jello plans occurred on Thursday, July 2nd. Ms. Heather and I have been toying with the idea of when we'd quit roaming and had kinda figured that we'd get serious about planting somewhere after this summer. We totally agree that Matlacha Island, where we've been coming to for 5 years, would be a great place to settle into. I've been researching the idea, via internet and all our contacts here, to get a feel of the prices and possibilities available. I put a few business cards out with my inquirees. Lo and behold, we got a call from the resort next door. A couple, Bob & Barb, had a place available. We took a walk over and looked it over, it's furnished and on a canal and comes with a nice boat on a lift. Hmmmm!!!

This place is newer and in very nice shape. So we all sat and talked. Ms. Heather & I decided to make the plunge 'cause we aren't gonna beat this deal. We signed a 2 year lease and it looks like we're earthbound again. Wheww !! Gonna be busy for awhile !! Anyone out there want to buy a great motorhome ?
Our move into our new place really shouldn't take too long. Life in a motorhome keeps the amount of 'extra' stuff to a minimum. We'll start transferring stuff on Wednesday after Ms. Heather does some prep work. It certainly will be easier than our last move !!

On Monday 7-6 , I had an appointment at my dermatologist's to remove some basil cell carcinoma from under my nose and a spot on my back. ( MOHS procedure ) My primary doctor found those a few months ago and sent me to get them looked at. Good catch !! I'm paying dues for all the sun in the past. I never used sunscreen in the old days, I do now ! Gotta walk around with my upper lip all bandaged up for a few days. Real pretty !!

The days fly by ! Here it is Friday, 7-10-15, and we've been busy. We started our move in on Wednesday and have been hard at it every day. Got about 80% moved so far. I hate moving. Even though we have been in a motorhome there's still lots of small stuff. Luckily our new place comes furnished and with appliances so we haven't had any heavy stuff to move. I'm too old for that anyway !!
We had Dishtv here today and took advantage of their moving service. Got a new sat dish permanently mounted and tuned in. I called them at 1000hrs and the field tech was here at 1600 and done by 1730. Gotta love it. We managed to live without TV for 3 days..whewww, I was going thru withdrawal !! LOL !!!
I suppose this blog is long enough.
Charlie & Heather